New Store - High Traffic Zero Conversions

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So this seems to be a running topic in most of the threads and every response has the same comments ..... I've looked over your store... you images are great... there's this and that, yadda yadda.

But no one to be actually talking about the source of this traffic....

Is it spam referral traffic... from like India 

is it people just checking out your store from the forums as you've just posted in it...

Is it from Facebook page suggestion...and people are just clicking to see what you're all about

What page did the person land on? and what page did they leave? 

Did it come from a keyword with zero buyer intent...

Is it all just people you've told about your store and they are just looking at it.. which means traffic on the little shopify graph but there is no buyer intent behind it..

People browse first before they buy, if your store is new, you have ZERO TRUST in consumers eyes so why would they buy from you?  

If your competitor has even one review, at 5 stars and you have zero reviews, they will always win. 

Do what people do on amazon, offer your product for some reviews.... get it out there. 

eCommerce is a total battleground... and I love it! 

You will always have a higher conversion rate from Google Organic traffic....

Get the Google analytics sorted, use it, understand it, pull information from it and execute on it...

Sounds a bit of a rant, but I would love to hear people views on this.  





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Love your post!

What I never understand is the people with brand new stores getting 1,000's of visitors LOL Unless they are paying $$ for ads, not sure how that is happening so fast!



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Even if they are paying $$ for ads, that doesn't mean you will get sales. Wrong targets, poor landing page, bad copy.... = someone clicking, ot getting what the ad says, you paying and getting zero return. 

The issue with ads is, PEOPLE KNOW ITS AN AD. Which is why Google Adwords Clicks are down, we become so used to seeing them that we want to look at the organic results over them. 

With help from a friend we got this video made, that like explains the Google Adwords side of things...

A bit off topic but...

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After performing audits for 100s of stores now. I  honestly think trust is the biggest factor listed. That and with the intent of the buyer.

Ie. You can run a tonne of Facebook campaigns - get 1000s of visitors who are having a nosey. But have no intent to buy. Whereas, search engine traffic has much more intent behind it and coverts better as stated.

Also if you run ads, and your store doesn't look trustworthy/secure/professional/no delivery info/returns aren't stated, these are big warning signs to potential buyers and they might go off searching for the product on other sites.

Dropshipping business models will struggle the most with this, especially if the goods are coming from abroad. Long delivery times etc, are a huge warning to most online shoppers. 


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Couldn't agree more - it is easy to get traffic to a website, but to get a relevant traffic, that converts it needs a detailed strategy and different approach. If a website has 300 visitors a day yet no sales it obviously means that these people stumbled upon this particular website in a non relevant way, and were not actively shopping online. 

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Haha, Great post Alasdair,

People seem to reply to every other post but this valuable informative post no on reply to.


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Hi Alasdair,

We've found Google Shopping ads to work really well even when you are nowhere on organic search. 

The rest revolves about buidling a strong community of customers. We are lucky to have a very loyal and strong organic wine consumer interest, what's yours (or could be yours)?

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Great comment Alasdair

Yes you should look at the traffic, Yes you should try to get reviews, yes you need great images, yes yes yes... basically You, the store owner, need to act like a real business. You need to market. You need to use facebook etc.

But why don't they I think is the bigger question.

I am convinced that many store owners truely haven't thought out their business. Do you have a business plan, have you researched your market, have you determined who your competitors actually are, do you even believe that your product can succeed.

Don't skip the fact that many people have bought in to "I can setup a store and make millions with no work" concept that is out there... specifically dropshippers

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It could be a lot of reasons.

I have a video that might shed some light on the subject.

3 Reasons You're Not Making Shopify Sales

It could be:

  • Your Offer
  • Your Design
  • Your Re-targeting approach (or lack of one)

Hope this helps.



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It is important to understand your target audience and what people are looking for where you are promoting.  For example, if you are blatently putting up essentially an advertising post for SEO in a forum, then trying to drum up traffic for said advertorial in the forum by upvoting it and making a reply to the post, then you are likely to receive no business from it because you have targetted the wrong audience in the wrong way.

This has very little to do with ad words or SEO but rather a lot more to do with online etiquette and promoting in the right place in the right way. For example the original post, will drive serious buyers of SEO away from the company that made the post as it mentions nowhere how effective the solution has actually been that is proposed in comparison to other measures taken by effective conversion sites.

This post is great in that it is a perfect lesson in what not to do and in that way very valuable.  So the question and lesson to learn and apply to your own website is there such a thing as over promoting when you promote in places where it isn't appropriate (e.g. bringing business cards and flyers to a funeral). The same in the digital world is promoting a fashion clothing site on a scientific journal site.