New Watch Brand - Struggling to drive traffic and convert. What's missing?

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We are a new watch brand based in Vancouver, Canada. We just launched in Sept 2016 and have had some modest success to date. We seem to be particularily struggling with driving traffic to our site and thus taking the brand to the next level. Being a new start-up product we have very limited marketing budget and rely heavily on organic Intagram marketing. We have built a pretty decent following since starting 11.2k followers (Facebook is more challenging).

Recently we have run many varied Facebook ad campaigns (mainly carousel type) on a weekly basis but still only manage 30c - 50c CPC which is not sustainable. The conversion from these ads is approx 1% or lower. Wondering if our site needs some optimization and if there is any glaring deficiencies with the website and pro tips you can dish out. Any review notes of our website and help from the community would be greatly appreciated.

Emily - SAOL Watches