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I want to design a new page for my online store with a section listing products I have marked "in some way" (not necessarily tags - see below). If possible, I'd like to display these related products without resorting to liquid (though I will learn that if I need to do so). Is there any way to do that, without code changes?

At one level, tags seem like an obvious way to mark these products. However, I do not want this particular tag to be visible - it's a grouping mechanism I want to use for my business, but not something visitors would necessarily care or know about. If I just use tags, I am concerned that it messes with my "public" tags. As I say, the underlying reason these are associated together is not something that is important to a visitor. Any suggestions on that aspect?

If I need to use liqiud, I'm guessing the  code would be straightforward but would still appreciate any pointers :)


Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Mark,

Have you thought about using collections to manage these additional related products? 

Using this method you would be able to manually select each of the products that would be included in each of the related collections. This would be an easy and effective way to manage your related products for each your categories and would not require any coding skills.

You can also have a look at this document, (Recommend related products to your customers), which can help you work through this challenge. 

Rich H

Rich H.