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Hello. I am pretty new to the ecom scene so I have little knowledge on SEO and how to utilize it on my sites. I have gotten feedback on my site and people said that I need to utilize SEO in order to gain more traffic, but I have no clue on where to start. I would greatly appreciate some guidance from some of you experienced members. Thanks in advance. 

Here is my sites as of now if that helps.

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Hi there,

Try with In the past I've tried with this source and learned a lot. Another one that helped me is 

For the second source I follow daily news with Google updates. In order to see the result you have to properly configure Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools in the past)


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Hi Durian,

Cute stores first of all! 

The first thing I would suggest is the same as Nathan - read the beginners guide to SEO - it is what we show all our content writers in our team, who aren't educated in SEO. Their feedback is always great after reading that.

The first thing I would focus on is your onsite (or onpage) SEO - this means making sure all your pages have a title, keywords, content and your code is as sleek as possible. Why not use Google speed insights to see how speed optimized your page is?

Kind regards

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You definitely want to look into Ocean One SEO that I found here on Shopify.  Alasdair the owner is excellent at giving advice and direction with SEO, and his monthly fees are very affordable.  Find them here at  

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Hi Durian:

If you want to learn SEO focused on Shopify stores, check this blog post that i have made:

Shopify SEO Guide:

Hope it can help you!




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Thank you guys, I'll look into this guides ASAP. 

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I am also very interested in help with SEO. My wife is currently in looking to change her website from Wix to a new party, because we are totally not happy with WIX. The site is slow, does not offer Ideal (a payment service that is very big in Holland, but not provided in their webshop and adding the webshop from ECWID made it only worse). You can currently see the free location (but as soon as we have changed provider we will be online at our own domain:

Current temp. location:

But not to digress. We have put a lot of work in the SEO part and it helped us getting higher in Google with certain specific searches, but in total we feel that we could be getting more out of the whole SEO "gig". Can you also please help us with tips and trics (what to do on the website itself, what to do on Google, which way of advertising your shop do and don't work.


Thanks all!



The SEO is the long term investment but it worth to do as early as possible. The concept is actually simple, make your online store useful for your visitors. 

1. Update the content of website frequently, more blog post.

2. In the new blog posts make sure that you drive traffic. It indicates about the fact that the website is live and visitors are coming.

3. Link pages of your online store between each other. It's callsed "internal linking". I'd recommend you to use SEO Quake Chrome addon for this task.

In addition, link your website to Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) to see which keywords bring Google traffic to your website.

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Thanks Jeanette, 

Hey Durian and Alex, 

Drop me an email at be happy to help you through your problems and give you a better direction with your SEO related issues. 

I have created a new serviced offering 1 to 1 consulting and tutoring, that is affordable and gives you great value and understanding with SEO. 




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I run an ecommerce online shopping website and needs few tips to rank the website on top google ranking!