No Traffic to my site

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Hi.  I set up my site and went live about a month ago, but have yet to see a single sale.

I set up an Adwords campaigns, but I am still not getting traffic. 

Is it my site, or do I need to work on my marketing?  

Any advice would be helpful


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Hi Bret,

So one thing I would suggest, is getting involved on social media, adding reviews, and building more trust.

You are selling high ticket items, so people will not trust you off the bat, especially with more pricey items you really need to establish yourself with items like these, and slowly sales will roll in over time.

Best of luck!

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Hi Bret,

If your Google Adwords campaign isn't bringing you any traffic, there are 3 hypothesis:

1) You are bidding on keywords that people aren't searching for. To learn this, look for the "impressions" metric. Is it very low?
2) You are just not bidding high enough for those keywords, so your ads don't show up. Look for your CPC metric. Google will tell you in your Adwords account if it's not high enough.
3) The text of your ads aren't very enticing, so people aren't clicking on them. Look for the CTR metric to see if that's true. It should be at least above 3%. 

It can also be a combination of all of the three. But I don't suggest you start spending money on advertising if you're not certain that there's a market for your products. 

My suggestion is to first try to figure out who are the people that are mostly likely looking for your product right now and where do they hang out. 

Start frequenting those communities and interacting with your potential customers, asking for feedback and answers for your questions. Only once you understood your customer's pain points and desires, and your store is 100% optimized for them you should start spending money in ads. 

If you want to learn more about the stages that every company needs to go through before they become successful, have a read at this post I wrote about it:

I hope you like it!

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Ramon Bez Content Marketing & Growth at Compass The #1 Reporting App in Shopify

Hi Bret!:

If you are not getting traffic to your website after using Adwords, it is possibily that you are not using the right keywords, or your ads are not showing because you can´t compete with your competitors ads quality. How much is your daily budget?, how much are you spending at day?

If you are not used to use Adwords, it can be a little messy. We can run your Adwords campaigns and optimized it, create customized banners for your online ads... All for free!

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There's also free marketing options, like the Ads exchange app, catered specifically to address this need. Check out the 5 star Ads app in the Shopify App Store



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The most cost effective way to drive traffic to your site is to generate content that portrays you as an expert in your field. People aren't going to your site or buying simply because they don't know you and haven't seen you enough to warrant a visit.

With major brands like GoPro and DJI dominating the space and able to outspend you from a marketing perspective there really isn't much you'll be able to do at this point to stand out.

Start by building content and comparisons, do tests, post them, do more tests, post those and make the reason someone comes to your site being a resource instead of another place to shop. You need more content that connects people to your brand.

Step by step:

1. Build content to build brand awareness

2. Hire content generators to extend your reach

3. Use ad campaigns to reinforce your brand

Scott Luscombe

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For ecommerce Adwords campaigns you should use Google Shopping.

Follow this steps:

  1. setup a merchant center account
  2. link the merchant center account with your google adwords account
  3. Install this free shopify app:
  4. Configure the settings for google shoppping in the shopify app.
  5. Setup you google shoping campaigns

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We will have a look to your setup and give you a small free audit and advice.


Best of luck!



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All these previous posts are just trying to sell you on a service.  I think what you really need to be thinking about is what it is that you are trying to do.  Why would anyone buy something from you, when they can get it cheaper and faster from Amazon?  I hate to be pessimistic, but people are only going to buy high dollar items like these from trusted sources.  Marketplaces are quite difficult to build, but once they are built and established they are nearly impossible to disrupt.

If you want a successful online business, you need to find a niche and quite frankly the electronics niche has been filled.  Maybe instead you should focus on things that are difficult to find or source, like parts for building drones that you can only get from China, or maybe something different all together.  You've picked an extremely competitive market and your billion dollar competitors have buying power, exteme audience reach, marketing budgets, dedicated sales force, warehousing capabilities, etc. - everything you don't have.

Don't give up, but you need to redirect.  Stop wasting money on Adwords - you're not going to sell a drone camera for $555 that I can get on Amazon for $100 cheaper...