No clue what to do or where to start

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We have our site up, however we don't show up on google. We have no clue how to do seo even though we have been trying. We are not in a great financial position where we can hire outside parties and pay a lot but we are willing to learn and apply the work, we just have no clue what we should be doing to get more traffic and at least 1 sale. We have a google adwords account. We have been marketing on social media but nothing is turning into traffic or conversion. Any help is greatly appreciated! 

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Hey, Zaneta!

Savannah here from the Shopify Guru Team. :) 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most useful and mysterious nuances of building an online store, so it's not uncommon for merchants to be stumped.

The first step to getting your site noticed on Google is to submit your sitemap. That essentially tells Google that your shop exists, and to crawl it for keywords. We've got a great guide on that here

We also have some SEO Documents here that will give you some insight as to how Shopify specific SEO tools function. 

One of the best sources for SEO information is Moz. They've got an awesome guide for beginners here

You mentioned wanting to know about overall methods for driving traffic to your shop, so I'd highly recommend checking out our 50 Ways to Make Your First Sale.

Take a look at those resources, and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions!

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Hi Zaneta,

How to get more traffic -

1. Facebook Ads - These cost you. The best way to run ads is to really keep an eye on the metrics. Make very very layered audiences that exactly are your target audience. Do not spend much if you do not get a good CTR in the beginning itself; with 1000 impressions. Change the audience or the creative; test in a very objective way till you narrow down on your best audience + creative combo. And then keep an eye on the Cost per purchase. The ROI should make sense.

One wrong thing people do - They make loose audiences and keep running ads with little or no benefit. If you see the ads are sending you lots of traffic (STEP 1) but you are getting no conversions then work on the site, optimize it. (STEP 2).

Also make sure you do retargeting via fb ads.

2. Google Ads - Again, don't compete for general keywords. Serve only people who are looking exactly for what you are offering. And spend on retargeting.

I think learn google ads on your own with certain budget, but also in the beginning pay an expert who will just make sure you spend and get results. Learn from this expert; get him/her to explain what they are doing and why not the other way you may have done the same thing. This may actually be more cost-effective for you.

3. Organic social media marketing. I don't see links to your social media channels on your home page. Do add.

How to do social media marketing?

a) Use Instagram Hashtags: These will get you discovered. Post everyday and use the top hashtags. This is a lot of work, so use an app like OrangeTwig that will just keep doing this for you, from creating the posts to posting them. If you have a small to non-existent user base, hashtags will help grow the base. OrangeTwig will find hashtags that are related you your category, such as this (for yoga):

b) Post on ALL the channels. Let all the channels work for you and bring you traffic. Many people miss out on Pinterest which is a huge traffic driver. (Again, OrangeTwig will do this for you).

c) Tie up with influencers. These do not have to be big ones, but even if you get 5 college girls/moms to show off your products, and they have a good no. of fb/ instagram followers it will help you. To convert this exposure to sales give your infleuncers some ltd time exclusive code (like their name and x% off) to share with their followers.

4) SEO - This is great but takes time to show results.


You have written - NO CLUE WHERE TO START

Here is what I would suggest:

  • First put a lot of your social media work on autopilot (posting on all channels and using the best hashtags with OrangeTwig.)
  • Then do some website optimization. This is endless work so give it limited time like 2 weeks, and set clear goals and make key changes. Focus on making sure that people understand your site and your sales funnel is linear.
  • Then run facebook ads.
  • Hire someone to run Google Ads for you and make sure you define a success target, such as for every dollar spent, make me $20. Aim is to reach this target in a month's time. You can fix basic payment and then extra payment on a certain revenue target being reached, within predeteremined spend/revenue ratio.

With all this going, you will have your marketing machinery running. And then metrics will point you in the direction of the next steps. Make sure you are looking at your funnel data - Website Traffic > Add to Carts > Initiated checkout > Purchases.

The first job is just acquisition i.e to open the funnel i. e to get traffic.


Some feedback - On visiting your site I was not sure if you sell shampoo, hair colour, curlers. Then I realized you sell hair itself; wigs? It may be good to mention this at the top on your home page. 

The part where it says Unleash Your Vanity (and then Virgin Luxury Hair, Lace Frontals etc) the text is very in-my-face. In places the fonts look stretched. I see you have a video below, maybe put that on top. To get reliable & definite directions on improving your site, try holding a few usability tests. Call and survey some friends who will be seeing your site for the first time.

All the best!

- Karan


Karan Jassar
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Hi, Karan, do you have an email where I can contact you?

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Hi Zaneta,

I know exactly how you feel in your frustration with acquiring traffic. We all go through this in the beginning. I started my own Shopify e-commerce site 5 years ago and experienced the very same thing. I tried organically and I tried paid search. Initially, I wasted hundreds of dollars a week on Google AdWords because I had no clue what I was doing. Everyone who said they could help me with SEO was far too expensive for me at that time.

Since I sold pretty High Ticket items like HDTVs and computers I was able to afford to run through the necessary trial and error with AdWords, Bing, Facebook and Twitter ads to slowly gain an understanding of how it all worked.

There are two ways of attracting traffic to your site _
Organically - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Ads - SEM (Search Engine Marketing)  

If you allow me to have a look at your site, I will gladly do a free audit and give you specific insights to help you improve your current situation.

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Hi Zaneta,

An important thing to keep in mind, that success in commerce is typically not about 1 specific thing working; it’s the aggregate of many things working in unison. Great design/user experience, great copy, great products, great marketing, great customer service. All these pieces need to be aligned in order for you to achieve success. It’s not a process that happens at once. It will take some time and lots of iterations. Trial and error is key! Make a change, see how it affects your results, then adapt. Apps can surely help you along the way. To get you started, you may want to check out some of these free apps:

Free Trust Seals with Reviews Generation -

Free Ads Exchange -

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Are all you people insane?

Be honest with this lady.

Its one of the worst websites I have ever seen.   Don't feel bad, that isn't what you do.   I can't cut someone's hair and if I tried it would look like your website.

There is nothing positive about it.  Its the reason you have no sales.

You need to completely start over.   Tell people on the forums you have no budget and you will get people to help you in exchange for a review for them.

Don't waste another dollar or second promoting that website.



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A good way to start is by making seperate pages to feature your best selling products. Under the admin menu go to Online Store > Pages > New Page

By creating longer pages with more information about your product you will get better Google rankings and more traffic. 

When you make the pages, include a purchase link by going to the Buy Button link from the admin menu.

Have a newsletter sign up in the footer on your site. Then send the new pages you create as newsletter updates. You can also post them to your Facebook and account and use them as landing pages for Google ads. 

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Hi Zaneta:

I have had my custom and "geek wear" t shirt store,, on shopify for about two years. For the most part I'm satisfied with the platform and the overall functionality of the system. Building pages is easy. Updating is great and I'm fairly satisfied with the traffic that I get. On average, I get around 20 or so visitors daily. I've had about 77 orders in that time from my shopify store. I get more traffic and sales from eBay (they do the SEO/SEM for me) but there's nothing better than having a unique URL that brings people directly to your shop.

I do see my shirts on Google and Google Images. The problem is that my store itself really doesn't get general inquiry traffic. I actually am a fan of finding my own customers. My store features shirts with images that parody or pay tribute to Star Wars, Star Trek, The Odd Couple, The Honeymooners, Seinfeld, Classic Sitcoms, The Godfather, Science Fiction and a myriad of other subjects. The first thing that I do is feature a shirt of the day. The link to that shirt is posted on my Facebook page and my twitter feed. I get a lot of hits that way. The other thing I do is look for the specific interest groups directly. I go through the different groups on Facebook and then look for subjects that are similar to the shirts I sell. If I see one like one that I post, then I put a link to my shirts in the comments or reply bar. It helps to drive my traffic up.

I should say that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them buy a shirt. I know that just because I post links it doesn't always convert to sales, but at least I'm getting out there to find the fans of the subjects I parody or pay tribute.

I have gone the sponsored ad route, but can't say that any significant sales have come from it either.

Hope this helps some.

Jordan Silver