No sales after trying different Facebook ad sets

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Hello everyone!

First of all here is my website:

I have been trying to get my store off the ground, however in the process of doing so I have had some hickups in the marketing side(I believe). I have used multiple facebook ad sets ranging from a small target groups(under 10,000 people) and larger target groups(200k+ people). Surely at least someone should be interested in my product. I have also tried reaching out to people offering discounts for their birthdays, yet still no success.

Is my product "bad", am I in a saturated market, or do I just suck at marketing? 

Surely there has to be some sort of tactic I am not using to help me actually generate conversions.

Thanks for your time! 

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No Facebook ads dont work for many people. We where stuborn and kept running ads for 2 Years. But never got a sale from Facebook. We stopped running facebook ads and starting joining free group to promote our products. Also pinterest has been very good to us with 90% of our leads and we have spent nothing. Just go to your item and share with pinterest. Hope that helps

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John just gave you some golden advice above.

If I were you I would take notes :)

I'm not sure your products are bad but I definitely think you're in a saturated market.

That's not to say you can't make a dent in it.

For how long have you been running Facebook ads, and in what way?

Some brands can't start running Facebook ads without building awareness first, while some can right out of the box. You should consider trying retargeting ads to market your brand to the people who have already visited your website for some easy sales.

Wishing you all the best!

- Captain Tracking

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Your product is great, and almost more importantly, Merry's branding & collateral are point.

Generally when FB ads don't convert, you're missing something in the ad design (campaign flow, vague targeting, poor pixel feedback, etc.).

My team at AdSpect manages FB ad campaigns using our proprietary funnel design, and optimizes them daily. Check us out -

Give us a look, we're running a two-week trial free of charge!

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Hi Mason,

First, you already run ads on FB. But they are still not effective. So do your target customers come from this channel? Where are your customers, you should define which channels bring the right customers to your site to make sales.

Second, your store has traffic already but still have no sales. Do you measure your returning visitors? They might come to your site through advertising at the first time, and come back to your site without any ads, in other words, they come directly to your site. That means your site might attract them, they are all your potential customers. In contrast, your content still not attractive.


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Third, understand your visitor's needs by knowing the products that visitors regularly view, the keywords they used to search. Based on such data, you may just create a special promotion campaign of your best promising items on your site to convert the returning visitors right away. You have tried reaching out visitors but is that their needs.

In case, you have no return visitors come to your site directly, you might consider about your products. Do you provide the best pricing compared to your competitors.

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Anyone who says that Facebook ads doesn't work, doesn't know how to use it in the first place, you should try and change up the people you're targetting or the ad itself, there's quite a few factors that come into play for this. If you need any hands-on help, shoot me an email, I'd be glad to help out.

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Hey Mason,

Your products are great. I feel that a business should start facebook ads with retargeting in the initial phase. I see that you do not have a facebook pixel installed on your website. Installing it on your website would let facebook know that who all visited your website and then retarget them on facebook. The conversion rate of retargeting ads is very high. So right now you can focus on getting more and more people to your website. Orangetwig can help you with this. You can later retarget these people on facebook.

Once you have enough data from your ads, you can start showing your ads to the people who are not aware about your brand. 

Hope that helps