No sales yet. In need of opinions and advise from experts.

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I just launched my very first ecommerce store ( 2 weeks ago.

I am selling my own Mineral Makeup and haven't had any sales yet. Next week I am going to start a YouTube Channel and will be providing Video Content on the product, usage, etc.

I would highly appreciate any more tips you experts could give me. I am absolutely open to any critique and super willing to learn from people with more experience :) Thank you guys so much in advance!

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Hey Anika,

I like your branding. Here's a few suggestions:

  • Facebook and Insta will be key for your business. I recommend 2 FB posts/day and 1 Insta post/day. 
  • Move the search icon to the right with your other buttons
  • I see you have an Insta feed which is great. I'd recommend using one of the shoppable Insta feed apps like Honeycomb ( This takes your Insta content and creates a feed similar to the one you have now directly on you site (so no one has to go back to Insta). But you can tag your products in it too so people can buy what they see (it's a nice way to drive engagement)
  • Since you're selling vegan makeup, reach out to vegan and makeup influencers (with a minimum of 50k followers) and have them promote your products
  • Do some research on popular makeup and vegan-related hashtags on Insta and add them to your photo captions
  • If you're advertising, FB is your best platform for ads. Even $10/day can drive significant results if you're targeting the right audience

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much! I will take action with all those steps and hopefully that will change things :)

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Hi Anika 

I find your website perfectly placed couple of suggestions 

Can you place an lead box popup which offers a free sample product or a makeuptip pdf file which shall give u customer details and create a database when you think of email marketing 

I have also gone through your facebook page and Instagram account. Found very few audience on fb.  Try to get as much as people on fb account as whatever u post onnpage it's only  visible to your 20% of total visitor . Try couple of campaigns on fb such as page promotion, post promote, website traffic promotion and local reach campaign. Since Instagram is a part of facebook default Instagram campaign is done.

Video views is one good option but try to make shorter videos as they are consumed in different way . Keep short as much as 60sec.

Many other aspects can be considered but to begin try above things 

Incase of any other assistance reach me at

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Hey Anika,

Good start so far, however your main issue isn't going to be developing content to drive traffic to your site. It's a common thread amongst brand owners where they think simply building a traffic base will turn into sales regardless of branding aspects.

Have a look at:

Now, compare these brands with your brand and ask yourself: "What would make a client buy your brand instead of these?" Sure, they're vegan, cruelty-free, but the other question is: "What portion of my client base is going to care about the vegan aspect?" This is easily proven by looking at FAQs to see what people are asking often: which you won't find, only on NARS is it even marginally evident that people have asked, typically animal testing is no longer permitted or even needed as this industry really has cleaned up it's act.

The number one issue you'll have is branding and product presentation, price you're marginally less expensive but for an extra couple of dollars you can put Kylie or Benefit in your make-up kit and these brands have a lot more curb appeal.

My recommendation is to bring your brand, site, and product presentation up to the level of these references, then spend time on generating content. High traffic that doesn't convert is as valuable as no traffic at all. Make every visitor count.

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please give me some advice