Non-Monetary Loyalty Points

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Hi all, new Shopify user here. I am starting an eComm business that returns a portion of profits to charity and I want to "hack together" this functionality in Shopify. 

I welcome input on how best to accomplish this with free Apps. Below is how I was thinking of doing it...

Customer earns X number of Loyalty Points per purchase (varies on cart size). Customer can "redeem" accumulated points towards a charitable donation. 

For example: Customer buys a $50 dress. $5 (5 points) gets added to her account. She can then login to her account and "redeem" those 5 points for a $5 donation to a charity of her choice.

I am looking for practical advice on which Apps will let me create Loyalty Points that are non-monetary, and how to put it all together into one seamless experience. I am also open to suggestions about a better/simpler way to accomplish the same end goal. Thanks very much in advance!