Not getting any traffic to my website

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I have had my shop for 2 years now and I am not getting any traffic. Most of my sales come from trade shows. I have pricey products on my store. Is having more expensive products hindering me? 


I am running google ads right now. I have run facebook and intsagram ads but had no success.


Any advice on how to get more traffic would be great.



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To solve your problem, I think you should optimize your website, your content and your image. If your website is good with useful content, attractive images, your website will get a higher rank on Google search result, then your website will get more traffic. Goodluck

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Hi Ben,

I also sell high ticket items like yours, and have a few suggestions for you. For starters, you need to optimize your website better.  The home page does not fill out the screen well on desktops, where I find more big ticket item buyers purchase vs mobile.  You may consider a new theme.  Also, you need a 1 800 # at the top, with a guarantee on either price, or free shipping in X days or both.   


Your product pages are way too thin on benefits and content and images.  And especially with your sports products, you neeeeed to include videos. Add more product shots, lifestyle photos and dimensions/weights and all manufacturer specs.  The more information the better. Videos and reviews by you or users create emotion and help with purchase intent.  Put where you ship from (location) for Canada, and think about your market.  I run US and Canada sites, and on each put flags (Cdn and US) to show people that I am targeting and servicing them.  


Are you a dealer exclusive with any of your brands?  If so, say that.  Show some deals.  Your online chat needs to be more prominent.  I like Tidio for example and for 1 800.  Get a 1 800 FUN-SUPS or similar.  Hire a shopify designer and conversion optimizer on  I paid a guy $30 for optimizations which honestly increased my sales by likely 10% easy overnight. 

And Google Shopping Ads are where it's at.  I spend all my budget now on them... Facebook can work for promos, but optimizing Google Shopping ads is quite involved.  In the last 6 months, I have reduced my cost per sale by 30% with some keywords optimizations, negative keywords, geotargeting to save shipping, day of week optimizing, adding campaign priorities and more detail in conversion tracking.  I can help with this if interested.... I do $400K with one store now in the home/garden area - it took me a year though to figure the above out. :)


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