Not single sale yet, please help me !

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It's been more than 10 days I have started my e commerce store through shopify and done with design, adding products and content. My niche is - women swimwear

But failed to generate revenue with any of the unpaid and paid marketing methods. As I have very low budget, I can't spend anymore on ads.

I have tried direct marketing by contacting influencers directly but zero result and facebook ads couple of times but got zero result. 

Just got stuck, and really need some real insight and help to get started with sales. 

If someone could help me, it would be really appreciable on how to successfully market and start with sales.

My website is -

I have only couple of days left before paid shopify membership starts & can't afford to renew with zero sales.

Please help me

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Hi, Ganesh! 

Lisa here from the Shopify Support Team. 

As a new business owner, you will have to work to refine your marketing strategy until you find what works for your niche. 10 days is early days and there's still a lot of potential with your store!

That's a good start you've broken the ice and started reaching out to influencers. Check out this strategy here for Instagram Influencer Marketing to ensure you're getting the most out of your efforts with influencers. Along with these do's and don'ts for dealing with influencers. 

Next, I'd suggest really considering your audience. Does the design of your store match the preferences of the women you're wanting to attract? Darker more aggressive colors, such as the grey background and red accents don't match the lighter summer products. Try lightening up your store to have a more beachy appeal for where your products would be worn. Here's a Practical Guide For Creating the Best Website Color Schemes.

Your store would benefit from setting up more refined navigation with a drop-down menu. As well as including some more advanced filters, so customers can find what they're looking for faster. 

Navigation design is often an overlooked secret to getting people to find and buy your products. Take a look at this article here which expands on how you can utilize your navigation to lead customers towards purchasing from you. 

It is essential you build your store's site structure for humans as well as search engines. Learn how to do this here. Optimizing your SEO is free and one of the best things you can do to drive traffic to your site. If you haven't already, watch this free video series on SEO 101.

It's also really important to build your following on social channels because of the credibility and community this brings. Here are 13 reliable ways to grow your audience, in turn building trust and converting your visitors to paying customers!

I hope this information helps you make your first sales. If you have any further questions on the above please feel free to reply. 

- Lisa ?

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"I have tried direct marketing by contacting influencers directly but zero result " - if you'll tell me what did you do re Influencers, I'll be happy to try and figure out what happened.  

Good luck brand and Influencer heroes! – #DearMishuDad (Influencer contract template here:
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Actually I want to increase my following in instagram to start generating revenue with sales of swimwears, but didn't happened yet with all the efforts of influence marketing . 

I'm only comfortable with free ways to attract traffic but it is very challenging with no direction. But trying some methods mentioned in resources.

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I took a look at your site.  Cute swimsuits but I think the toughest part about getting those sales are the lack of reviews.  When it comes to apparel of any sort, people want to know how the fit is, the quality of the material etc.  So without any reviews, it is going to be hard to get sales off the bat.  With that being said, the price points are very affordable. Perhaps trying out something like Exit Offers where a pop up appears with an offer if someone starts to navigate away from your site.  You can do something like 10% off your first order or any other enticing offer.  

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Hey Ganesh , Facebook and Google Ads are great for getting targeted traffic. Start with your primary exact keywords and budget low like $5/day. Then monitor weekly and adjust as necessary.

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quick question you started to build a business with 29$
now this is a problem, alot people see screenshots and they are thinking they can reach that level with 10$ and this is not the reality, even if it was true you would suffer from cashflow....

now to the store stuff i will say few stuff, have you ever seen your store?
have you check your button? its white are you kidding us?
the descriptions? reviews? scarcity? trust? none of these factors are there.

now from product the visitor needs to go to the cart page not add another one step..
you asume the visitor see the text on top for few seconds?
when they click the cart button the need to go to the cart


Cart page needs to have 1 button the checkout (no other buttons no cart notes)

Checkout needs to be optimized

and you need to use app this is exit intent on checkout and not only!

now why you need this?
Well you spend money to bring someone in your site and he almost bought but for some reason he is about to leave (we hit them with discount pop at checkout , or cart or even product page itself!)
and when he want the deal we auto submit the discount, i mean this is huge since on mobile the coupon area is hidden and honestly we dont want the user to copy and paste coupons!

same thing on cart page and in the product (actually on product page we can take the user straight to checkout and apply the coupon on 1 step)

and the next logical question is how about mobile?
well there are 2 ways someone to leave a mobile page
1: hit the back button
2: sharp scroll to the top to close the tab
Both are covered

bottom line 
optimize little bit your store and add then send traffic to the store as normally would do. 
in store optimization we help and send personalized recomendations...

Does Those Stuff Really help or we Don't Know our stuff?
well i just screen shot 1 of my stores that i install the app on 28th of march so in 11 Days it resulted in 215 Extra clients (most people not have 200 clients a month and i am talking about Extra clients) and 10k extra! and proof below...


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Add a link to the Size chart on products description pages for user convenience.

And one reason for less or no sale is that you are using Paypal for payment. Provide more alternatives for payment. 



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Your website needs SEO, do you know anything about SEO? if you don't know then visit SEO company and ask them about it or just search on Google about it first !

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LOVE YOUR LOGO!!!!!!! It is so unique and I would have never thought about a design like that. I love your slideshow pictures. However, your product pictures are not the same. They are all different sizes which means that your product page is uneven. Like your menu. However, it seems like your menu can be cleaned up some.  if you need more help try ghibli-business