Not single sale yet, please help me !

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Hi Ganesh, I think your site could use more authenticity.

The reviews look fake (it looks like you wrote them yourself they all have a similar broken english feel) -- not trying to call you out just giving my honest opinion as if I'm browsing as a customer. I recommend to keep it real.

I would also work on your branding and about page. There are so many options out there, you really should inject some personality and uniqueness to your brand. Give people a reason to want to buy from your store. I believe in integrating a social cause (giving back on every purchase), but even just some good copy and images will help.

It's worth hiring a copywriter to help you with this. You can find plenty of good ones on Upwork or the Shopify Experts directory.

If you have the mindset of "can't afford $29 monthly plan" or to invest in your business, this venture likely won't work out for you. You might consider creating an affiliate site in that case, where you link to other products and get a commission. It takes longer to generate income, but there is no investment involved.

If you're on a budget, you can also use the affiliate model as a merchant to drive traffic to your site without paying for ads. I use Refersion to manage my affiliate programs. These are awesome, side bonus you get better SEO rankings and build brand buzz as people are linking and pointing to you. You'll want to improve your branding first though so you can resonate with potential collaborators.

Good luck, keep at the hustle no matter what model you choose!

Enjoy the adventure!
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Your home page hero image is using a slider (which is a nice looking, but site slowdown feature). The pink background with white text looks horrible and way too large. Remove this slide and just overlay a smaller promo text on your bikini image.

You do not have enough content on your product pages at all. Nothing differentiating about these products, especially without content. Also won't help your SEO at all.

The marketing popup that I've seen all over the web that makes people think people are buying on your site - is misleading and not believable. Especially with a site with such lite content and 1 blog post.

Lastly, unless you are prepared to spend some money on FB ads, Google PLAs, etc., you need to start working on your SEO (search engine optimization). You need backlinks. You have a brand new site with 0 domain authority. Which means no one will ever find you in Google search. 

There is an AWESOME linkbuilding post that I believe is the best online. It stays updated and has all the best linkbuilding tactics, their difficulty and their value to your site.

If you have any questions, you can go to my site and send me an email via the contact form. Thanks!

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Hi Ganesh

Think your site look great.

You've got a facebook page, I think you should be looking to use it, For marketing.

Have a single check box to collect facebook subscriber details and then you can send new product offers, sales on existing lines.

Delivery rates of 100% and open rates as high as 80% will help get results.

Utiising social media can open up facebook group posting and generating interest through lateral thinking.

Just an idea.


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First off. Be patient. It is an investment not a quick way to make money. You are starting a business. I hate that people have made it seem easy!

Next, consider your product selection and do not just bank on one or two products. You need to be doing research constantly as this is usually the case when I look at why people are failing. Here is a tutorial I made on how I select my winning products. I hope this helps. 

The app I use is free for 7 days then $25/month. Do not worry though when you sign up you have to put in your card but nothing is charged. Just cancel it on day 7 when you are done if you don't find any success with it. I live by it so I will be surprised!

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I have a store also. Dropships women Bra, and panties. Have you tried looking for promoters? Meaning that you give them a discount code, and you reward them for promoting your site. You could also make a page with the application process for becoming a promoter. It has worked for me, and my store has been up for about a month or so. Also, the buy button is really good too, since some people who might end up being your promoters have personal blogs. You might want for them to ad buy buttons to their website.