Not sure how to increase traffic

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All what I can say it's that the good product sell itself! 

1st try to optimize your own store before thinking about driving traffic.

Then you can go with some free driving traffic methods (I use them personally).

See this shopify tricks

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I have my store updated with a better theme,  needing some feed back on what I can do to drive traffic and sales.

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If you've tried different ways to attract your customers, look for the creative ways to increase your online sales. That’s why, I would like to approach from a different perspective.

If you want to increase your online sales, you may use some psychological pricing strategies. They all encourage the motivation of online shoppers to convert better on your e-commerce site.

Do you know why?

Because consumer behavior has an irresistible inclination to respond to certain types of online prices and this is what it is called psychological pricing.

Basically, you can try;

  • Charm Pricing
  • Prestige Pricing
  • Using Bundle
  • Odd Pricing
  • Price Anchoring
  • Price Simplicity
  • Offering Incentives

So, let’s dive into the article Psychological Pricing Strategies For E-Commerce Retailers and take time to think about your own pricing strategy and the ways you can influence people into making a purchase.

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Hi there,

It seems that you have a very unique product and, as you’ve mentioned, there is a thriving market there as well. Your frustration is totally understandable! I know it can be discouraging and daunting to see traffic on your site but no sales. Since this is the case, it may not be what you’re doing, but how you’re doing it.

I’d like to share some insights that have helped me gain traffic to my site (along with a little bit of self promotion :)

Below are some different approaches to some strategies you’re already exploring:


Create interesting and dynamic ads

Don’t let your ads become an afterthought! This may seem obvious, but keep in mind that an ad is an introduction to your brand. The smallest detail can make or break a sale.

Some things to consider when creating your ads:

  • Target demographic- It may be that your ads are simply not reaching the correct audience. This can cost you a lot of time and, most importantly, money. Shopify provides apps to help you narrow down and market directly to your desired audience.

  • Ad design- What does your ad look like? How does it exemplify your brand? These are some things to consider when creating your ads. Examine your imagery, color, layout, and design. Think of your ad as a business card for your brand.

  • CTA (call to action)- CTAs can go overlooked when creating ads, yet they are arguably the most important aspect! A simple, “Learn More” or “Shop Now”, embedded in your ad can make all the difference. Remember, a customer cannot complete a sale if they do not know where to click. Make it easy for them by providing a noticeable CTA.


Facebook is your friend!

Facebook is the fastest and most reliable way to make your brand visible to millions of people. It is a household name, and better yet, it’s free! With that being said, creating Facebook Ads on your own can be confusing, time consuming, and often doesn’t deliver the desired results. For this reason, it may benefit your company to utilize one of Shopify’s Facebook ad apps to help drive your sales forward. While it may be tempting to do on your own, these apps can drastically improve your conversion rate.

Apps like Pollen can help cut through the confusion and free up your precious time. Pollen enables you to acquire customers on Facebook and across the web simply and cost effectively. Through powerful automation, Pollen offers an easy-to-use marketing platform that’s sole expertise is in driving sales. It takes as little as 2 minutes to set up a campaign. Pollen takes care of the rest. It’s as simple as that! Time is money, so start your free 7 day trial today!


Email Marketing

Use email marketing to your advantage! Even though it may seem slightly archaic, email marketing is still an excellent way to reach out to your target audience and keep your brand fresh in their mind. Take into consideration that when consumers are not browsing online or participating in social media, they are still likely checking their email.

Here are some best practices to help improve your email list (for free!):

  • Collect emails during order confirmations

  • Include a Sign Up button on your home page

  • Increase your content marketing

  • Utilize apps and social media

  • Offer free products, trials, or shipping in exchange for email addresses

Using these tips should help you bulk up your email list and create new customers while retargeting existing customers.


Hopefully these suggestions will help you gain the traction you are looking for!


Happy Advertising!

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Ah yes, the age old question. Happy to share some ideas:

Consider these questions to improve traffic:

  • Are you capturing permission assets like email addresses?
  • Is your site catching ancillary conversions, i.e., positive actions that don’t involve purchase? 
  • Are product pages easy to find and interact with?
  • Will your shopper find sufficient motivation to make a purchase on your site? (Motivating factors include descriptive text, clear and appetizing images, and discount codes.)
  • What sources of friction (high prices, broken links, insufficient product images, awkward checkout flow) might prevent the shopper from making a purchase

That's a good starter. If you want some other questions to boost traffic, we blogged about here:

Hope that helps!

Kevin Simonson is the CEO of Metric Digital, a performance marketing agency in New York City that focuses on driving revenue and customers through for ecommerce business via online advertising, email and other digital marketing channels.
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I bet there are a lot of Facebook groups with Caribbean born communities living overseas. Have you tried engaging with these groups?

You can even strike a deal with some of the admins to be featured in the cover of the group.

Let me know your thoughts on this :)

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love the bluntness! Can you give me a dose of hard criticism too?

Art of an acquired taste.
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Hello Caribgirl,

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