Not sure how to increase traffic

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We are not sure how to increase traffic anymore. 

1. We tried Fb ads. It didn't work for us and we lost so much money

2. Google adwords. We get clicks but no sales. - also costs a lot of money. 

3. Native marketing - we get clicks but no sales

4. Influencer marketing - This has been the most successful but we also lost a lot of money from hiring the wrong influencers. We plan to do this again but with influencers that actually helped us to get sales. 

5. Email marketing- Our list is mostly dead and we are working on cleaning it up. We didn't email much. 

6. Content marketing- we submit articles to stumbleupon. We get traffic but no sales. 

Not sure what else to do. We average like 50 visitors a day which is nothing. Sometimes we get 1 or 2 sales from the 50 visitors but it only happens once in a while. We need to increase traffic. I know there is a market out there for our products because our indirect compeitors have the audience. We just don't know how to get that audience to check us out. Here is the website 

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, Caribgirl!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify.

You have a unique business idea! I did not know that many snacks from the Carribean have fewer preservatives than conventional brands. I clicked on the pages on your website and have some a bit of feedback that will help with your website and traffic.

1) When I clicked on your snacks to select them for a box, I noticed that some of them do not have much information to describe what they are. If you include a brief description of the snack as well as the amount (it will usually be listed in grams on the label) along with an ingredients list, that would help people when they are deciding which snack is right for them. If the snack happens to be vegan/vegetarian/kosher that is good information to include as well. 

2) This could be an issue that is only happening on my computer, but when I am on your website, the main menu that says Your Subscription is a bit choppy. I took a screenshot below so that you can see what it looks like.

main menu on website

3) It's great that you have an FAQ Page. It's highly recommended and helps answer many questions that people have before making a purchase. One of your questions "Can I unsubscribe/cancel easily?" doesn't give a solid answer of how the customer can unsubscribe to their box. If you can provide basic steps of how to unsubscribe, that will give people assurance that if they purchase a box from your website they can cancel at any time. This will also help reduce customer frustration when they would like to find out how to cancel.

4) You may want to work on getting your subscription boxes into other peoples gift guides. Shopify has a blog post called How to Use Gift Guides to Boost Your Holiday Sales that has advice on how to find gift guides to be featured in. While this post was made for the Christmas season, you can still take this advice during the rest of the year as well!

5) Are you familiar with those YouTube videos with a small group of people taste testing foods that they have never tried before? Buzzfeed (a YouTube channel) makes lots of them, but other people make them too. Here is one about Irish People Taste Test American Chocolate Bars to give you a general idea of the layout of how these videos are. These videos are very popular and are great to post on YouTube and all of your social media pages to draw curious minds to your website. I also recommend posting it on your website as well in a blog post.

Blogging is such a great way to increase traffic and it is often very underestimated. A blog post that I recommend to everyone who should start to blog on their website is called Why Every Ecommerce Business Needs a Blog (And 9 Ideas to Get You Started). You can do fun blog posts like "What Carribean Snack Suits Your Personality" and other ideas. A great example is an Instagram post that Shopify posted recently called Shopify Apps As Star Signs, where we feature several apps in a fun and unique way.

6) Excellent job replying to reviews on your website! That personal touch really shows that you go the extra mile!

I hope this information helps and inspires! If you have any questions reply to this post and we will be happy to help!

Jade | Social Care ヽ(^◇^*)/

Hey Caribgirl,

You tried Facebook ads, adwords, email marketing and everything.

I want to ask the question that Do you have proper knowledge of Social media marketing or you just tried everything one by one?


while you do paid marketing, there are many factors you should take care of.

in FB ads you have to set age group, interest, location and so on.

in Adwords you have to set negative keywords.


So were all these care was taken while you start paid campaigns?




John Smith

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Maybe you can try SEO, google ads, facebook ads, social marketing...

Hope it can help you.

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OK, so hopefully by now you have some key data on your average conversion rate, CPC (per channel) and customer LTV.

If those numbers make sense and you still have money to invest, hire a professional agency to scale up your marketing.

If not, re-think your strategy, 

One idea would be to go much more niche – focus on the people who already know and love Carribean snacks but can't easily buy them. Build out your sales process with this specific niche. 


P.S. Jade's PR tips above (4. and 5.) are excellent.

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I really like your Business idea :)

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Hi Jade.

Thank you so much! Very good content. I will implement them. Can you tell me if you still see that navigational error? It is working fine on my laptop and my family's laptop but you and someone else pointed this out to me so far. 

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Hi John-Smith

Yes I had some knowledge of all these types of marketing but they just didn't work. Only influencer marketing seems to work. However, that is a hit or miss.

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, Again!

Your navigation is working correctly now on my computer! It looks like this:

Navigation working correctly


Happy Snacking! \ (•◡•) /

Jade | Social Care

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Hey, I got you've grown you sales using influencer marketing, so let me help you to choose the right one for your next experiment.

The reason you may have failed is that you haven't started from Definition of your Buyer Persona.

You need to understand who are you reaching in order not to spend money on people followed by wrong followers. I’ve prepared for you a handy table which you can fill in with your information. This table will help you when negotiating with an influencer. 

Once you have an idea of your buyer persona and social network they love, it will be much easier to find influencers.  Different types of influencers respond to different incentives, so think carefully about what influencers in your target market will prefer. Food influencers may prefer invitations to review restaurants and events over product reviews, whereas beauty influencers love getting exclusive access to new releases. Clothing industry influencers would like to receive money and special coupons they can share with their followers.

Here is a complete guide on how to find your influencers on Instagram for free, examples of visuals and best ideas of collaboration with them in case you struggle to work with influencers but don’t know how to start: How To Use Micro-Influencers to Spark Sales