On The Complexities and Eternal Struggle of Redirecting and SEO

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Hope the verbose title got your attention. : )

I have a domain (lets call it a.com) that shows up first for important keywords, very valuable. Now I've set up my shopify store (b.com) and I definitely want to get some traffic to this site.

I understand I can 301 redirect and (technically) not lose any power, however this would be starting from the bottom again. My main concern is that changing a.com's content will make it lose power, and I really just want to keep it up in the rankings.

So is there a way to maybe embed my shopify store over a.com, so that a.com keeps its content, but in the background almost? Or is there a way to redirect without losing the content of a.com? Im essentially not even trying to rank b.com just get customers from a to b.

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What Up Brian!

You a.com site won't loose the power behind during a 301, the power is based upon links coming into it not content on the page, and as long as they are decent then that power will be passed across. So that's all good.

The a.com site will loose rankings eventually, but this might take some time. 

You could just have a menu navigation option on a.com, that says "shop" or whatever that links through to the new shopify store on b.com? 

Hope that helps, 

Any questions just ask man,




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