One month and no sales, no add to carts. Any feedback please! Its driving me mad!

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Hi all!


I'm wondering if anyone can give me feedback on my store, some professional feedback would be great as I've only asked friends and colleagues who don't really know about e-commerce so they say "it looks nice" but that's not getting anywhere.

Obviously the domain subscription with Shopify is relatively expensive compared to other platforms; When would you jump ship and try a new idea?

I don't expect this to be a get-rich-quick scheme but at least to generate a little bit of interest...

My URL is


Thanks a lot!

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Learning should be your number 1 goal at this stage.

Regarding when to jump the ship? 

- When you loose patience. If you loose patience you cant think, when you cant think you cant make money.


Your store definately has some work to do in Conversion Rate Optimization.


No Sales? No Add to Carts?

Do you had any traffic? What was the traffic source? How many visitors you got?




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Dear emmalou,


Please put your website url at "Feedback On My Store"  to get more feedback.



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Hi emmalou!


Avid jewelry buyer, wearer, and creator here! 


Your store does look very good, but there are a few recommendations I have for you! 


  1. Include an expanded navigation menu, so users can easily navigate between your different product offerings. 
  2. Try and include more images of people wearing your jewelry. People want to see what it will look like on themselves. 
  3. Bring some consistency to your product photos. Right now, your products appear as though they come from a variety of different vendors. If your product images are more consistent, people will find your brand / store more trustworthy and you'll likely see higher conversion rates. 

Just some general tips I think might help! You have a really great start, don't give up! Your first store is trial and error. Try out some new things, test it for a bit, and see what works and doesn't work! 



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Hi @emmalou 


Congrats on getting your store setup! However, here are some immediate things I would change:


  1. Create a home page, your main page upon entry to the site looks like a product page
  2. Try to create a logo that displays your store name better
  3. Have a menu which shows on the header, not a drop down on the left preferably
  4. Separate your header, body and footer
  5. When choosing the different colors on the product page, try and have the images change according to the color

Get started with these!

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Hi @emmalou !


I was about to say exactly the same things that the previous responses you got in this post. (Most important thing for me, change the logo for a fancy one)


Once you have done the changes suggested in this post (the feedback given is really good!), and your store looks even more professional, i would suggest you to start bringing quality traffic:

-SEO traffic: Do a keyword research and generate content that could be attractive to your potential customers, also optimize the page and metadatas. This will take a while so be patient!

-SEM traffic: This is the easiest and faster way to start getting traffic while you're still optimizing the SEO of your page. I would suggest you using Google Ads or Bing Ads. If you want to start using Google Ads, let me kindly suggest you trying our free app Google Ads & Google Shopping, we can take care of everything for you!