Only 2 Sales in the past 2 months!

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Hey guys, 

In the past two months I have started up an online store through shopify obviously, selling general day-to-day accessories. In this time I have advertised my free+ship items (right now im doing free watches)  for a total of about 2 weeks of the two months (as I have been busy) with a budget of $5/day and have made 2 sales. I'm not sure if its the advertising im doing wrong or something with the site, however if someone is able to assist me whether it is feedback on the store itself or a guide on how to advertise properly in order to increase the purchases made on my site would be greatly appreciated!


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I like your shop and products! People are skeptical and, as you have experienced, selling something for nothing is just as hard as selling something for a lot. 

Free + Ship is a strategy to build a following. Do ONE watch that way. advertise just that watch and send to a landing page that is specific for that watch. A long form landing page with LOTS of details about the specific watch and WHY your offering it for free, is a better approach. Your quality score will be much better and y9our visitor's journey will be specific.

Hope this helps.
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I think you have a great website. What I would recommend is to investigate more on your target audience. It's really a trial and error process and it does take time and learning. Facebook Blueprint ( has some free courses that would help. Also, I see that you only have a few followers on Facebook. My advice is to leverage social media more to build your brand awareness. Try marketing tools as well that automate the process to advertise on Facebook most efficiently.

Pollen ( uses information from your website like your customer list, social page engagement and visitor demographics to find similar people on the Internet who are most likely interested in your products, so that you don't have to do any of the data mining yourself. It also automatically optimizes your ad spending on both attracting new customers and retaining your current customers, taking the guesswork out of budget allocation. When you have multiple ad campaigns, Pollen finds out which performs the best and allocates your budget to the top performer ad units, so that you don't have to spend extra time and money to test them yourself. Let me know if you have more questions. Hope this helps and good luck with your business!

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Thank you for the advice guys, will definitely take it on!

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Do you think that the products on my site are good enough to generate a lot of sales if advertised to the right audience? 

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Your watches is free. Maby set your images to be in the same style? Like keep all your items with a white background and not different background for each? Also, your pictures are really large and they take a long time to load, the same with the addon for customer reviews. It just keeps spinning (might be my computer?)

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Hi there, 

Wow! You have a fab collection :)

Here's what I think you can work on: 

1. Our story: The formating seems to be a little off. It might seem like a small thing, but these things add up. Also, you're not giving much information in your About Us / Our Story. Most of it is fairly generic. The more personal your story is, the easier it will be for customers to trust you. Here are some tips for this section: About Us

2. Terms of service: can you simplify this? These look very scary. Write the most important points in easy to understand points. 

3. Shipping time: 1-28 days is a very wide range. It can take up to almost a month for your products to come. Customers won't like to wait this long. In addition to this, you've mentioned that they should contact you if a product doesn't come till 90 days. Although, on your end, you're being thorough and explaining all possible scenarios, but for a buyer, this is red flag. My first thought was - hang on, there is actually a possibility that the product won't come for that long! 

4. Product page: I feel you can format this page a better. Right now, there is your product photo in the left and then on the right side, you have the description, reviews and pretty much everything else. It reads like a long trail. Maybe show top 5 reviews and the rest when the user clicks on 'More'. I know you'd want to display your fabulous reviews, but eventually the focus has to be on the products. 

5. Refund policy: Most of this isn't really applicable to your buyers. Again, I'd suggest that you keep the important points and remove the others. And this should be super-easy to understand. 

Terms of service, refunds and FAQs shouldn't seem overhwhelming or hard to understand. 

Now about your audience. Have you tried Facebook Audience Insights? In my opinion, it's perfect for building a buyer persona and getting details on who you should target. I saw that you've placed a pixel on your website. Are you running retargeting ads. Those are the best kinds. So, in your case, you can run products / new arrival ads to people who land on your website, but don't procced to the next logical step. Then you can show discounts / coupon ads to people who checkout your product / add product to cart, but don't pay.

Although, I would like to point out that for these campaigns to really result in sales, you need to have a steady stream of traffic on your website. I know it sounds a bit roundabout. 

Social media is fantastic for driving traffic. Did you know that Instagram tops the list of sources sending traffic to a website.  

I noticed that you are promoting your discounts and coupons frequently. I'd suggest that you use OrangeTwig to promote your discounts and coupons. You'll be able to promote them in super-attractive and professionally designed themes. And the best part is that you won't need to spend time on this. It's literally - just set and forget!

You can get started for FREE here: OrangeTwig  

Here are some sample posts: 

If you want to use Instagram to drive traffic to your website, the first thing that you should do is make your posts clickable. Use OrangeTwig to do that. It's very simple. All you'll need to do is add the clickable link in your bio. Here's more on it: Clickable Post 

Oh and you can get started for FREE here: OrangeTwig

Next, focus on the hashtags that you're using. After Instagram's shadowban, you should be using a list of high volume and niche hashtags. The hashtag research tool will give you this data. Check out how it works here: Hashtag Research tool 

Before I end this, here is an that you should definitely checkout: 

- 47 content ideas for social media 

That's all from me. Let me know if you have any questions. 

- Karan 

P.S - for specific questions or a more detailed store review, go to SellerSuccess Facebook group 

Karan Jassar
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Thank you so much for this in depth review! I will definitely take on board all advice.

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Great store, however, I feel like your branding/logo could be improved. I can help you with that as I own a branding agency. Check us out here