Organic traffic from Google and Bing

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I wanted to reach out to the wider audience to see what other peoples experience was with Google and Bing for Organic traffic.  I have been promoting my website now for about three months and also working with a website called which I have found to be quite insightful.  Ranking Coach set you tasks to help you gain a bigger organic audience, this includes making sure you have numerous backlinks, you're added to many business directories and you have your keywords included in the right locations on your web pages amongst other tasks.  I have been using this for a couple of months now and can see now that many of my web pages are now included in Google and Bing.  However, here is where my dilemma lies, I have a list of keywords around 50 in Ranking Coach but none of these come up within the first 100 pages of either search engine.  At times I struggle to find my webpage and I know it's out there, so I expect others to have the same issues.  If you search local directories like or business pages you can find my business easily so why is it so hard to get listed on the big search engines.

If anyone can share their experiences, timelines etc for this issue, I would be interested in hearing them.  

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Hi Tony,

Although I haven't worked on Bing and Yahoo search engines, but my SEO content is an ongoing build up. There are a few keywords I have worked on (on my site) and initially, my site link never came up, couldn't even be found. And now, some keywords are beginning to get optimized, so when someone types in on Bing or Yahoo, my website does show up on the first page and for some, as the very first rank. I have been at it for 2 months, and the more uncommon the keyword, the better your ranking.


Why is it so hard to get listed on the big search engines? Because there are millions of businesses who think SEO is a simple means to acquire free visitors. Add some content, slap a few keywords on a page, submit to some directories anyone can submit to - and presume Google should send thousands of people to your store instead of an established business with a greater range of products or trustworthy mentions in the media.

The meta premise of SEO is your website serves people better than anyone else for a search term. For a generic dropshipping stors with no branding, unique offer, story, media mentions etc, Google should not send any traffic to such a store. A store like Amazon serves the user better.

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There's a lot you are missing here. 

First up, you have to look for the specific country's SERPs (Search engine result pages) that you are targeting. Then you need to build a strategy for how you are going to promote your content to get search engines to pay attention to it. This will involve branding campaigns (Youtube videos, shareable content, getting mentions on influencers' blogs, etc.) as well as on-page optimization (page loading speed, content and keyword density, appropriate meta titles and descriptions for pages, alt tags on images, etc.) - Once you have formulated a strategy for all these steps you have to monitor your target keywords on a daily basis. Use Google's webmaster tools to keep an eye on any crawling or URL erros. It's an uphill ongoing battle and you can never rest easy.