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About a small year ago we launched our Shopify webshop: https://shop.serescollection.com/. Based on our experience of online media, we value the SEO value of our webshop after one year fairly low and are quite concerned about this, so we want to pinpoint the issue and come up with a new strategy/solution a.s.a.p. We do not really know whether this issue has either anything to do with our (sub)domain setup, or whether it's a matter of Shopify not being very well suited to get high SEO value in comparison to e.g. WooCommerce.
We would very much appreciate any external opinion, so I'll further explain the domain setup:

The main domain we use for our business (http://serescollection.com/) will bring you to a wordpress website. The reason for this is we started this wordpress website already about 2-3 years ago, so we hoped that our webshop could profit from this site's built-up SEO value in the beginning, and eventually use it as a complementary blog for the webshop.
Thus we launched our Shopify webshop on a subdomain: https://shop.serescollection.com/. And since we use Langify to translate the shop into 2 other languages, we actually use 3 subdomains: https://winkel.serescollection.com/ for the Dutch version and https://boutique.serescollection.com/ for the French version.
As far as we can see we used the common best practices for this multi-language subdomain setup, we have hreflang and canonical-url set.

But something does not seem to go right in this set up. If you google for 'seres collection' you will immediately see our wordpress website, but no trace of any of the links of our shopify webshop - even if this has so much more content than the wordpress by now. How can this be? Is there anything in this setup that’s harming the SEO value for the webshop subdomains or something like that?

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I suspect part of the issue is the sub domain has no authority based on links to it. Besides your one link from the WordPress site I found, there is only one other website that links to it, and that looks like it's from the website developer.

I would at least promote your link to the store to the home page. And maybe have it on every page.

And then try and get links from other relevant sources. Maybe get someone to talk about some of your products.

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