Over £100 spent on Adwords and Facebook and Still No Sales

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I have spent in the last 10 days over £100 on adwords and facebook advertising but still no sales. I am worried there is something wrong with my store as I feel the traffic was well targeted.


Any feedback would be much appreciated.


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Hey Tom!

There can be a whole lot of factors to why the ads didnt work - dont start blaming the store just yet!

Sometimes keywords are too broad and the audience is wrong. What did you target with that budget?

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Nice site - my .o2

Really nice elements including great photography I am envious!

I don't know how your pricing compares so I won't go there.

I think a little reformatting might help conversion - I suspect you have a highish bounce reate off your home page.

I thik your logo area is abit large and takes up space that is better spent on your offer.

I think you are selling passion and convenience so I might add that to your tag line.

Passionate gift buying made soo easy| Indulgent gifts for special people ???

I'd move your pre packs up the top into your slider - one slider on each with the last being make your own. It gets your offer right up the top!  Also peopel want inspiration - give it to them up front.

Interesting - this is indulgent but not erotic?? is that intentional I wonder about lovers pack, honeymoon pack, missing you pack etc - but I really am not familiar with your market.

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Thank you for your feedback, I will look into seeing how those changes might look.

Now you mention it indulgent is the wrong word there for our target market. Definately not looking to go down the erotic route.