Over a month, not a single sale!! Please Help.

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I have no where else to go now so here I am. We sell all kind of fashion accessories for women, and it is been running over a month now and we haven't gotten a single sale. Pretty frustrating also, after trying FB ads and Instagram influencers, still there are no sales. There is constant traffic and couple abandoned checkouts but no final orders. I don't want to give up on this.

Any help appreciated, thank you everyone.

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, Denish!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify.

You have such nice products on your website! It's very common to not make sales in the beginning because you are still laying the foundation to grow your business. I did take a look at your website and have some feedback and resources for you to consider.

1) This one is very important. I'm not sure if you have Shopify Payments setup as your payment provider but if you do I highly recommend that you have your fraud settings enabled. To do this click Settings > Payments > click on the Edit button on Shopify Payments and check both boxes that say Decline charges that fail CVV verification and Decline charges that fail Zip code verification. Click Save when you are done. These are security settings and we strongly encourage you to enable them. If anyone is reading this forum post and also uses Shopify Payments it's important to check these settings in your account.

2) You may want to create product descriptions for your different products. Product descriptions not only communicate information about the product but help sell the product as well. We have a blog post called 9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell that I recommend checking out.

3) On your collection pages, you have the product vendor listed for each product (like this: https://screenshot.click/22-27-6je1l-3eoi0.jpg). I think it would look tidier if you do now show the product vendor under your products. To remove the product vendor click Online Store > click Customize next to your theme > when you are in the theme editor, hover your mouse over Catalog and click on collection from the drop-down. This will change the sidebar in the theme editor. Next, click Collection Pages and uncheck the box that says to show the product vendor. Click Save when you are done.

4) I wasn't a fan of the share product feature that is on all of your product images (like this: https://screenshot.click/22-40-fvw1w-btuxl.jpg). Mainly because when I wanted to click on a product to view more information or to click on a different product image, it would open a popup to share the product on social media. I can see how it would be a great idea but for me personally, I found it a bit of a hindrance when I was exploring the products on your website. 

5) I was reading a blog post on our website today about How to use gift guides to boost sales and when I saw your website it made me think of those gift guides that you see in girls and woman's magazines! 

6) You may want to add the app Product Reviews to your website. When you start to get sales and your customers write reviews about your products, their reviews will help sway future customers to purchase your products. 

Best wishes with your store! ?