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UPDATE: I think I fixed it by removing the line of code below. If anyone reads this please let me know if I did the right thing. 


UPDATE:  I just looked at the themes code and although I'm not good at coding I see something in the theme liquid file that looks like it's instructing the site to add the "shop name" to the end. WHY? This is crazy... now it has caused all my pages to be over the 70 character recommendation for page titles. 

Can anyone tell me please how to fix this? I'm beginning to not like this theme after all. 


I don’t know if this is a theme issue or something that is auto generated by Shopify. But it’s suggested to enter up to 70 characters for an SEO page name. However many of my pages are warning they are too long because they all include a dash at the end and the name of my business. I didn’t put that in the page titles but this is how it’s showing up for SEO. Is this a theme issue or a Shopify default issue? I just started using the Empire theme which by the way has issues with the add to cart button Pixel Union is suppose to be looking into but after over a week is still unresolved. but that’s a different topic. 

My pages are being indexed like this…appending my business name at the end.  

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This is an accepted solution.

Yes that's correct. I was looking for a similar question I had recently responded to pass to you, but couldn't find it.


Just a note, don't remove the </title>

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@drichardson thank you, you are far too kind. You solved the problem yourself, I commend you.

All the best!