People landing on Collection page but that's it

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Hey guys,

So i started advertising yesterday and i'm seeing something i've never seen before.

I have a few different ads which will land on a collection page or a search term. Clicks are doing pretty well and i get a lot of people to land on my page. Yet i see that 99% of those visitors stay at the collection page for a few sec ( to a min ) and after that they are gone.

I know advertising is a lot more complicated than "It should" but isn't it weird that lets say 1000 people get send to a collection page and only 1 actually clicks on a product?

My landing is pretty logical if you ask me.

My ad has a few different types of bamboo sunglasses. They are all the same but with different color glasses so i send them to the bamboo sunglasses collection which contains 12 ( identical but different glasses ) sunglasses. One out of 1000 actually clicked on one of the sunglasses while the other 999 never went any further than the collection page itself.

Does any one have any logical explanation for this? Is there something i'm missing here? I also track users with Google Analytics Live which shows me exactly that. 

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Hi Allard,

Are you sure that you can track it when pp click on your quick view button? If not, I would say that because your quick view popup is the drop-off. It doesn't show much info about your glasses(no extra picture, no description...)

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Well that's the thing. 90% of the traffic is mobile and therefore there is no quickview option.

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Hey Allard,

Getting just one product view out of a lot of visits on your collection page (by facebook ads) does seem very odd.

I visited your facebook page and saw your ads there which led me to your collection page which has 12 sunglasses (as you have already said). Add to cart seems to be working fine so that does not seem to be an issue here.

Although you can try the following :-
1) Right now your collection page has 12 similar products. You can try and lead your customers to the particular product which they have clicked. See if this helps you in getting more add to carts and ultimately sales.
2) Another thing which you can try here is running the same Ad on a different set of auidence. Try varying your audiences on the basis of interests, geography, devices or platform (facebook/instagram). See if the same Ad works for you when shown to a different audiences. Read this to get an idea regarding what maybe a good audience for you.

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Well i wish i could.

Seems that i've ended up in the amazing "Facebook ad ban for no reason" fest. Had an ad account banned 2 days ago because of.. Well. No reason. So i figured i would use my private ad account. No issues for a day. After that another ban.

All my ads did comply. They were plain simple. Again no reason from Facebook and no reply. As i found out on Google there are thousands if not ten thousands of people having this issue.

I'm afraid there is no way i can advertise on Facebook anymore.

Lucky me!