Pinterest App Problems

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I just added the Pinterest app and I'm getting 45 products with the dreaded "Only color, size, material, and pattern options allow different option values." error message. I did some research, but my products don't seem to be outside of those requirements. Can someone please tell me what I'm missing? 




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hello Jason ,so sorry that I didn't know how to help you 

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I've just activated the Pinterest Sales Channel and 80 or so of my products didn't publish due to the 

  • Only color, size, material, and pattern options allow different option values.

message.  I went through each item that didn't publish and for most of them the problem was obvious - they pushed through from Oberlo with a variant name of Metal Color instead of just Color or something simple and silly like that so I am in the process of fixing those.

However, none of my clothes seem to have pushed over.  I've checked the variant names on several of them, for example this dress ( and it has only one variant named "Size" but it's still getting the error message above.  I've tried changing it to "size" and I've tried totally changing it to "other" and then back to "Size" but to no avail.  I've done this on several of my other clothing items as well but can't seem to get any of them to meet the Pinterest requirements.

My only other thought is that Pinterest is picky about how the different sizes are actually presented but I'd rather not go through and change every Size "S" to a Size "Small" and every "5XL" to a "XXXXXL" unless I can get confirmation that this is actually the case.

Please help.