Pinterest Sharing Button on Debut Theme

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I hope someone can help me with this. I would like to change our Pinterest sharing button from automatically selecting one image (ususally the first product image or blog post) to "any image" sharing - so that customers can choose which image they'd like to pin. 

We're using the Debut theme. This is the code for the current single image Pinterest sharing button:

 {% if settings.share_pinterest %}
    <a target="_blank" href="//{{ shop.url | append: share_permalink }}&amp;media={{ share_image | img_url: '1024x1024' }}&amp;description={{ share_title | url_param_escape }}" class="btn btn--small btn--secondary btn--share share-pinterest" title="{{ '' | t }}">
      {% include 'icon-pinterest' %}
      <span class="share-title" aria-hidden="true">{{ '' | t }}</span>
      <span class="visually-hidden">{{ '' | t }}</span>
  {% endif %}


Any ideas how I can change that to make it an any image button?

I found this Pinterest button builder here: But that also changes what the button looks like which then looks odd next to the other social media buttons. So that didn't work for me unfortunately. 

Thanks in advance...