Please Help! How To Drive More Traffic to My Site Cheaply?

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Hi, this is Keith From

since you are selling lightings. you should consider adding its legal for 51 states or for off road only.

and our most effiective way to advertise is via google shopping. compared to others, this is the most effective and cheapest way for us. around 5 cent per click, we get additonal 300 hit a day. hope it help

 Jesus the guy is selling in Australia - how does the USA legality come into it?

Then you tell him to use google ads at  5 cents a click  - he asked for cheap solutions - not ones that will send him fucking bankrupt !!!

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What type of advertising will work with a facebook store/shop? Do I need both a facebook fan page and a facebook store/shop?

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You want traffic cheaply........

Stop complaining and go hustle.

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Hi, You've had a lot of good information from different people regarding what you should do to achieve better results.

I think I saw your fanpage with a couple of videos where your running a water test comparing your lights to cheap eBay lights?

Jazz that video up a bit with some narration, either do it yourself or hire someone from fiverr or upwork. 

Add a nice intro and outro with your logo.

I did a quick facebook search for off-road and off-road 4x4 fanpages and group pages. There's a good million people interested in both. Some of these pages are also off-road magazines.

Grab all of the biggest groups and fanpages you can find and add as many as you can in the interest tab when you create your audience for your ad.

create a new post with your new video

You need to be creative with your headline to grab your targets attention.

For example:

Why does eBay's 4x4 lights SUCK compared to these bad boys?... watch the test below.

Love your 4x4? Don't put embarrassingly cheap lights from eBay on your this video to see why.

Yeah it's pretty controversial but it grabs people's attention.

You wanna create a coupon to go with your ads too and give the coupon some scarcity.

You can try funny angles too, cars are about pride and fun so using a pride angle will be your best bet, probably followed by fun.

OK, now you have your post and your audience let's set this ad up properly.

Use video views as your goal for now because these will give you the cheapest cost per view.

You want to set up a facebook pixel for targeting. (Very important) this is when you will reach back out to everyone who visited your site at a reduced rate :)

See the goal to people who visited your site. (Later on you can add a new pixel for people who add to cart or checkout) you won't have many people buying straight away.

The aim ofbthis first pixel is to give facebook feedback so that you can create a similar audience.

Put the pixel on your store. Make sure it is working.

OK, last thing is the daily bid amount. I would start with between $5 to $10 dollars per day. You should get between 2000 to 10,000 views for that. 

The cost per view will start quite high but they will drop considerably as you should have a pretty good relevance score from your audience. It will easily be above 5 possibly up to 7 or higher.

Don't change anything else in bidding section. 

Turn off instagram and facebook audience also

Place your order and let it run for 2 days at least 

Create a similar ad and change the headline slightly. You want at least 3 ads running to begin with.

Most of your audience will be men but don't rule out women in the first round.

After 3 days you will have some data to start creating ads on age, device and location and you will also have an audience from retargeting to create new ads for :)

Plus you will be able to create a similar audience to run your winning as from your first run of ads.

Your retargeting ad will be a reminder ad to get your deal with the coupon code. (This where you want to set a new pixel for your cart or checkout page).

You'll want to present each visitor with the coupon pop up when they hit your page and you also want to show your coupon code across the top of your store.

If you do all of these things your ad spend will decrease because you are using penny views to get clicks and cheap retargeting. 

Good luck



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try sench - they offer a free buyer focused affiliate system. You should check them out

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Love talking about cpa, nice thread!

Have you tought about using influencers? We think influencer strategies can have a powerful impact on lowering your cost per acquisition.

Whether you’re in a niche or generalized vertical, having a notable influencer promoting your brand could lead to highly efficient conversions solely based on that person’s social capital. And, with minimal effort from your brand itself, beyond managing the deal with the influencer, your featured products that struggled to move in the past will start flying off the shelf in the future.

We’ve been blogging about this today if you want some more tips:

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