Please Help! How To Drive More Traffic to My Site Cheaply?

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Hello everyone,

I launched my site a month ago and have been using Facebook ads and Adwords to drive traffic to my site, I have spent nearly one thousand dollars on both, yet I only made 10 sales, and the revenue can only cover the advertisement cost and I'm making a loss for every item sold.

The main products Im selling is LED Light Bars for 4x4 offroad vehicles, they are more expensive than eBay generic one but have much better built-quality and brighter performance. My unique selling point is that my products feature real LEDs from reputable manufacturers like CREE, Osram and Phillips Lumileds, my lights are the same as those well-known branded one at brick and mortar stores without those insane markup, and they cost only 1/3 of the retail prices. The main issue is nowadays many ebay sellers claim their products feature "real" LEDs, but in most cases the LEDs their lights have are counterfeit chinese one. My pricing strategy is in the middle ground, they cost $60 - $100 more than cheap ebay ones, but $200 - $300 cheaper than those branded one sold at brick and mortar stores.

Both advertising methods are extremely expensive, Im getting 20-70 visitors each day and my current average CPC for Adwords is $1.41 , FB is $0.71 (though I doubt the number of clicks from FB is correct). 8 out of 10 sales were from Google, and only 2 were from Facebook. So I need cheaper way to drive more traffic to my site.

Do you think I should focus more on offline advertisement instead? something like sending out flyers to Utes and Offroad Vehicles that I see at carparks, hold market stalls.

I look forward to your ideas and suggestions!

Thank you.


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi there, Steven!

My name is Ana, from the Shopify support team. :)

I read through what you've tried so far as well as your website, and I think you're off to a good start!

Getting into the flow of traffic and sales can be difficult in the beginning, but here are some ideas for you to try:

  • Offling marketing is definitely something that I think will work well for your type of product, for sure, exactly in the way that you mentioned. It's also a great way to target the exact type of customer you want in a very direct way. Here's an article on 5 Low-Cost Guerrilla Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business Offline. While not all will apply to your business, some things to consider: Is there any way you can give away samples? Partner with local retailers who sell goods in the same category to do a "pop-up" shop? Create branding materials such as stickers and maybe include them as part of your offline marketing efforts?
  • Online partnerships with influencers. One of the best ways to generate traffic when you're just starting up is to take advantage of existing communities that influencers in your industry have already built up. Right now, Instagram influencer marketing is an effective way to do this. I'd recommend doing some research to find some Instagram accounts that your target market may follow and reaching out to these people to see if they'd be willing to feature your product in a post, or even doing something like a giveaway. Here's a guide to get started with this: The Beginner's Guide to Influencer Marketing on Instagram. (In fact, if there aren't many existing Instagram accounts in the offroad vehicle fan arena, you may even want to consider starting a fan community yourself. Just an idea!)
  • Searching for online communities and engaging with them. Now, I myself am not familiar at all with your product or industry, but I'm sure that you have a bit more knowledge in this area than I do. That said, I recommend doing some research to find existing communities (i.e. forums, Subreddits, blogs) and finding ways to become a part of these communities. Sometimes this means engaging in posts, answering questions, asking questions, offering value not necessarily related to your product. It can also mean, similar to the above in partnering with Instagram influencers, offering product in exchange for a review or giveaway. Here's a guide on How to Use Reddit: For Beginners and Business Owners.

If you haven't already, I think a great resource is the Shopify Masters podcast - I always find a lot of real, actionable inspiration that covers tactics and strategies Shopify merchants have used to start and grow their businesses.

These methods are free (minus printing costs for flyers), but I think the general idea is that, along with paid advertising (i.e. ads you are already running), it's a good idea to start generating overall awareness for your brand and product, because this type of marketing generally builds on itself over time, creating a snowball effect for your business.

Happy selling! :)


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Hi Kaichi! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here!

Great response by Ana. Please also have a look at this video tutorial: How to Drive more FREE Traffic to Your Website.

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CHEAPLY. This is how to do it:


To drive traffic you have three ways - SEO, Ads (Google, Fb, Twitter etc) and Social Media posting.

Ads cost. 
SEO is long-term. 
So the easiest to focus on, and expect results quickly, is Social Media posting.

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Thank you very much for the advice, you are awesome Ana! I will definitely do some offline marketing and influencer marketing!

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I am new here and have not launched, but I am studying a lot of how to do FB ads. I belong to a few FB ad groups, and have learned ins and outs. Still  a way to go. But I know for sure that they say start will $5.00/ day and test test test.



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Hi Steven! I wanted to chime in with some additions to Ana's suggestions because my husband is a Jeep/offroad guy and I have a decent amount of insight into that market.  (We live in the US, but I'm guessing there's still a decent carryover in how that market thinks.)

I totally agree with Ana about reaching out to influencers.  Another place I would look for people to partner with is YouTube.  My husband spends a lot of time watching YouTube videos on his breaks at work, and many of them are gear related.  You could send some offroad YouTubers some product in exchange for a shoutout.  (You could also produce some of your own YouTube videos as well!)

There are also a lot of forums and FB groups for off-road guys, so I'd suggest looking into those as well.  

One other little thing that I'd recommend for in-person marketing (like at events) is to get some great stickers made with your logo and website.  You can give them out at events, ship them with products, and even give off-road guys a few bucks to stick one on their vehicles.  My husband has all the stickers from the brands he likes on one of the cabinets in our garage, and when his buddies come over to work on vehicles, they obviously see those too!  (He's a little pickier about what stickers make it onto his rig, but I know there are plenty of other guys in his Jeep clubs that would be happy to rock a sticker in exchange for a bit of cash they can put towards building their rigs!)

Hope that helps! Best of luck!


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I tried Google adword and bing adwords. All i got was a big bill from both places. Not a single sale. I do better without using those places. Facebook ads are very expensive and from talking to people, they say it is a waste of money. 

I am still new. Only open 8 months. 95% of my business comes from Amazon. Get a sellers account there 


Unless you have a bottomless wallet, using adwords is a waste of money when you are new. Cant keep working in the red. 


Post messages on Facebook pages, blogs, twitter. All free

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Hi Steve, 

Saw your post and thought I'd chime in. I'm no rockstar and still struggling to get my biz to profitability but have had some luck on my grass roots (read free) tactics. A few thougts: 

1. Target market: You appear to be Australian based but sell anywhere, ya? As an American consumer, if you were to sell to me in the US, I'd want to know that up front. Consider putting US flag and number on your site like you have current Australian flag and number. There might be a low cost option that allows this. Great site by the way. 

2. Content marketing: Blog. You have a blog page but no content. Consider creating a content calendar and writting some helpful pieces about lighting and 4x4. Don't be salesy and mention your brand. That is inferred. 

3. Social: I don't see any social media icons on your site. Pick a couple/few social channels you can manage and where you believe your target market will be and start curating, posting, engaging. This takes time. Social is critical to building your brand. Consider a course to ramp up if you aren't famliar. I've done some consulting and coaching for companies on this. I'd recommend Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There's an art to this and it takes a lot of time and learning. You then use your social channels to promote your content marketing efforts. 

Used together, you'll generate some unpaid traffic. Hope this helps! 

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Hi Kaichi,

I tried FB ads, but they cost me $0.01 - $0.03 CPA. I think you are not targetting very well with FB ads, as I think using FB ads for startups is much cheaper than Adwords.

I strongly agree that Adwords provide much faster results, as in your case,, but they are surely very expensive.

I would recommend you to go through these powerful articles by Shopify on Facebook Ads, here, here, and here


If you are willing to take your FB ads skills to the next level, I recommend looking at this course here


You can see the free version on youtube.


I hope that helped you and others :)




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