Please, Look At Our Cellphone & Tablet Repair Website

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Hey there,

Any feedback or advice for our new cellphone & tablet repair website would be greatly appreciated.

We have been up and running for about 3 months so far and after searching the internet and reading just about every article on SEO, our website still won't rank in the search engines. We've optimized our page titles for the content that is on them. We've tried to write the best meta discription as possible using the top keywords for our industry from Google Trends. All of our photos have alternate text. The URL handles are clean and simple. We've linked to our social media accounts and other trusted sites. (Yelp, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, YellowPages, etc.) We've also purchased a couple of domains that use keywords from our location and industry and linked them to our main page via a redirect. Every person(friends & family) that we've asked to review our website has liked it but we can't seem to draw in any unique traffic. We've also researched the page sources of our strongest competitors in hopes of finding tags or titles that help them rank higher. We've even tried ad campaigns on Google and Facebook with poor returns. Maybe our site isn't easy enough for the search engines to crawl through? Are people lying to us, and our design is garbage? Are we doing something wrong?

Please, leave us some feedback or advice



Jaimee K.

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Hi Jaimee,

Has this been setup in shopify?

The hero image on the homepage doesn't seem as sharp as it could be and doesn't do anything. When you click samsung, you are taken to a page where you slide across. Then if you go over to Apple, you have to scroll down the page. There is no consistency. 

What keywords are you trying to target at the moment? By finding competitors keywords can work, yes. But they will have a higher domain authority than you due to other reasons such as being around longer, high backlinks etc.

Phone repair is going to be very difficult, yet a highly searched term. I would rather put my time and effort into 10, less cometitive, less searched, keywords than 1-2 highly searched and highly competitive keywords. You could rank page 1 for the less competitive keywords and bring in traffic to your site. Lets say each less cometitive keyword has 200 searches a month. That's 2,000 searches a month over your 10 chosen keywords that you will be ranked on 1st page (200x10). 

However, if you try and compete with keywords that get 2,000 searches a month don't expect to get to the 1st page of Google for a very long time. I'm not saying it's impossible, because it isn't. It's just a longer process. Working towards less competitive can get you traffic quicker. 

There isn't really much content on the site if i'm honest so it's going to be very difficult to optimise.