Please help me on understanding analytic data

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Hi everyone

I just launched my store and try to follow some guidance on youtube for FB ad. I created an ad here are my settings (sorry I don't know how to upload the screenshot. I can't paste it in the input box):

Region: Australia.

Cost: 7.5 AUD per day

Duration 2 days

Audiance: ~180k

Reach: 500-1600

Post Engagement: (don't really understand the meaning of it) 16-74

The I created a ad page with a 10 seconds slideshow then published it.

Here is the analyics data in Shopify store for the first day:

Total sales: 0

Total online store visit: 56 (visitor 52)

Traffic source: social 47, Direct 8, Search 1

Visits by location: United States 42, Australia 8, Ireland 6

Visits by device type: Desktop 38, Mobile 18

I got confused about the data. Could anyone help to explain it? I understand it's a new store and only one product was advertised for testing purpose. But I still have follow questions.

1, Why did most visits come from United States? I set the ad region as Australia and all visits came from FB channel. Does that mean I should focus on US market?

2, Based on the ad setting, did I get a good result, common result or bad result in terms of visiting?

3, I can only see the landing page visit which is the URL in my FB ad. How could I know if people visited other pages? Now I only know nobody put the item in cart. But I don't know what made visitors leave. If they leave in the landing page, I will guess some problems of the whole site (maybe colour, style...). If they browsered other pages, I will thnk maybe the products or prices are not attractive enough.

I want to do dropshipping and I try my best to communicate with suppliers to find the best products. I don't dream to make 1000 per day by finding a "winner product". I just try to build a business step by step and focus on the niche.

Thank you for any help and guidance!



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Great question! Curious to see how others respond.

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I believe the U.S. and Ireland traffic is from FB admin checking your site before approving your ad. I always get the same result as you when I launch ads, regardless of targeted location.


Your results are normal - but, you need to run more ads for longer. One ad for two days isn't enough for your pixel to learn much.


Check 'behavior - behavior flow' in the menu for analytics, it'll tell if folks bounced or continued further into your store.


Based on experience, the visit came from US the moderator of your FB ads which do they QA before approved the post. Ireland? I have doubt for that because it could be robots not human.