Please, is this for real? Almost a year and not even ONE sale?

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Is it possible? Almost a full year and not even ONE organic sale? I've done SEO, blogging three times a week religiously, uploading content to different social media outlooks, a working and functional website, what's going on? Is not slow, it's non-existent!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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You don't mention your visitor count in this - are you getting visitors that aren't buying, or are you trying to get visitors in the first place.

From a quick look: 

From first impressions. It looks like your product is the type of product that needs SOCIAL PROOF. Ie. testimonials from users, influencers in the health and fitness industry etc. The website definitely lacks this. The design is OK, but perhaps not a trustworthy as it could be, considering your selling a product people are putting in their body - you have to work harder than most to gain trust.

Your SEO is quite week also:

Uber-Nutra probiotics for your digestive and immune system. &ndash; uber-nutra

This title isn't a strong search term. Because there are only two main landing pages, apart from the blog, it might be worth looking at better keywords for your niche.

The other thing you don't mention is social - have you looked at this to direct users to the site. Health and fitness is incredibly sharable and many brands find success on Instagram for this.

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Thanks for your response. Very few visitors, from 5 to 10 daily as an average. I don't know what else to do in order to gain trust. I've done what I've been advised prior to this thread, which is the seals (I have three) The GMP and FDA registration information (which is true, by the way);  the About Us section the way I was advised; the "FAQ" section. I really don't know what else to implement, save the SEO tip you mentioned before, but Thanks anyway for your input and time.


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I have some little tips on how to make it that bit more proffessional and trustworthy.

The first thing i notice is that the home page has no structure, its like a list of stuff as i scroll down. try having a few boxes that lead to a new page to disperse all the infomation. 

Secondly, the product images dont do it any justice. Try and get a high resolution image with a white background. Theres also too much information on the bacterium on the product page, try cut it down and make it a more interactive read instead of a long list of words. People will just read the first few words and leave. 

Hope this helps!


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First of all, good on you for admitting something difficult like online sales.  I know that it can be hard. 

From looking at your website, I can see a couple of areas where you can improve.  These are common footholes that we found ourselves in a few years back.

First of all.  It's important to tell people where you are located and if you ship internationally. I had to look in the FAQ to find that you're in Miami.

It's great that you're passionate about probiotics, they are incredibly important to health and people are certainly catching on.  Unfortunately, customers first and foremost want to feel the brand is something that relates to them.  Stock images are great, but generally it should be kept to a minimum.  People want to see people interacting with the product.  A picture is really worth a thousand words. A great way to do this is to set up a market stall in your local market, take photos and blog about that.


The next thing to consider is that you only have 1 product.  So unless people are looking for that one particular product, chances are they won't find you.  Perhaps look at diversifying your range, offering different sizes or solutions marketed for IBS, children or the elderly.  Consumers generally like to feel like the product is specifically for them and not for the generic everybody.  

Testimonials are a great way to add validation.  This is where you can ask family and friends to help.  Maybe find some Miami locals with a large following on Instagram who you can sponsor in exchange for monthly posts.

The final suggestion I would have is to offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, where if they are not happy 30 days from purchasing, they can refund.


Being in the supplement business ourself, we know it is tough. You have to keep pushing and get creative.  Check out our website for some ideas (we're Australian).  Also Google Probiotic supplements, see what comes up and try understand what they are doing different.




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I'm with Adam on the images, such poor quality, and also with the setup of the homepage, I instantly wanted to click off it. And you have one fo those really annoying and stupid popup "gimme your email" things, which doesn't help matters.

Sorry seems really harsh but, no one likes them, and I'm baffled to why people even use them.  

Anyway... You say you're doing SEO, I've just checked your off page SEO, and it's extremely weak. 

On-page SEO will only take you so far, you need to build on your off-page SEO the get the site ranking higher. 

Make sure the blogs you write are actually targeting a topic that is searched for, and make them more interesting, all you have is words on a page, at least throw in some images, or a video. 

Also you have multiple H1 tags on them, and no H2's. Things need to semantically work when writing a blog post. 



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I think that you should improve the photos of your products. It would be better if your product photo had a white background, that blue color does not suit well.

Also you should check if your blog posts are relevant to your potential customers.

When you scroll to the bottom, there is only one product picture to sell (since you are selling only one product), this does not look attractive.


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Adam nice looking website mate.

I noticed your SEO is not well optimised. How well are you going with your products?

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Without wishing to copy them, have you looked at your competitor's sites and scored them for quality, clarity, social proof, ease of use etc, against yours.

To echo what's been said already, mixed messages with the pics, too much verbage on the front page, so no-one will go below the fold.

It feels like you're relying on all the (boring) technical info to make the sale, but it's just that ... boring. 

So why should I buy your package over somebody else's?

Tell me.  Or better still write the text on the page to tell the prospect.

,... and I 2nd the comment above above a 30 day money back gtee.

Crikey! If you've had zero sales over 365 days you would seriously have done better giving samples away months ago to get traction.

Perhaps that's the issue, you want their cash but they don't have a reason to trust you (no offence but that could be how they see it)

Could you split the packs to 1/2 size and give out samples?

I'm sure others will have ideas too.

Good luck with the re-write

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... and I think the graphic you have as an exit popup is wrong - it's a red stop hand rather than an open hand or suchlike.  

Go away rather than come on in, but what do I know, I'm still in the pre-start phase for my website so take my thoughts with a pinch of salt.