Please review my site from the sales aspect/ Monitor visitor behaviour

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While my visitor numbers very slowly but steadily improves (no paid adds) the sales are still abmyssal.

My first question is that I would like more about how people behave once they click on my page. In the dashboard I can only see the landing page, but do they click on other pages, on which?

The second question is the look and feel of the site, especially the page 'home'.

My plan to put one big message above the fold - would one of these sentences I used under the fold do:

Plants online: Rare-Medicinal-Culinary-Edible-Berries

We grow plants for your self-sufficient garden!

Or does it have to be something else? SEcond I want ot move my featured items further up.

Is the whole site structure conductive to selling?

I am currently improving my product descriptions (did letter A).

Include pictures of the nursery (rather messy) in page 'heme"?

Other suggestions?

My target audience:

  • crazy gardeners and plant collectors
  • herbalists hobby and professional
  • people who want to live more self sufficient

I really apprechiate some honest feedback!