Pop up Email ask - really?

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We'll be launching our new Shopify store within the next month, so we're not live yet.  In recent discussions with marketing types (typically young entrepreneurs) and in reading the myriad of Shopify blogs, everyone seems to recommend those annoying pop up email "asks" (generally offering 10% discount or something) that are on virutally every web site I visit.  I can't stand them personally.

Am I alone in thinking they're annoying?

How many of you that run these types of pop ups actually get visitors to fill them out vs. visitors that sign up thru the non-pop up forms at the bottom of the Shopify templates? 




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Personally, I don't find them so annoying. It's sort of just...expected.

If you are looking for another option, consider using website push notifications. The prompt for those is much less annoying (it's a tiny box with a simple Approve/Deny). And since they don't require an email it also has much higher opt in rate.