Popup + First Purchase Offer Issue

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I am looking for a solution to serve a popup to website visitors, then generate a unique coupon code (with 14-day expiration) instantly to the visitor after they submit their email address. At the same time, I'd like this visitor to receive a welcome email with the same unique coupon code in it.


Privy seems to come close but doesn't have the ability to generate coupon codes (?) So I'd need to create and upload bulk coupons. The issue with this method is that it is impossible for me to set expiration date based on sign up date.

I've also used Coupon Carrier to deliver unique coupon codes to automated Mailchimp campaigns but found the lag between signup time and automated welcome led to a poor user experience and lost sales as potential first time buyers waited around for their coupon codes.

I've also looked at SumoMe and MailMunch, neither of which seem to generate unique coupon codes/integrate with Mailchimp. 

Let me know if anyone has encountered anything like this and has some advice!

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We do have the exact right solution for you. We provide the exit intent popup where your users can enter thier email address. When the user enters the details we generate the codes automatically and sync those codes with your shopify store. You can set various parameters like expiry date, value, etc as per your requirements. To know please visit: http://tr.vauchar.link/2f3AOad


You can also reach at hello@vauchar.com to get the full details.