Popups on store bad for SEO

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Hi Guys,

Recently Google has made a change to their algorithm penalising people who use pop up ads. There's a blog article that explains it in detail here : http://brandongaille.com/the-google-pop-up-interstitial-penalty-explained/

I'm wondering if it also hurts us as e-commerce sites. We've been offering a discount pop up which encourages people to like our facebook page and get a discount in return.

Will this hurt our SEO? In my opinion it offers value to the customer, but maybe Google wants pop ups out once and for all.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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Google have said it will hurt your mobile SEO.

It's main issue is that it can anoy visitors. You may get more likes, but at what expense. How many people leave your website to avoid the popup?

Why not try A/B testing it. Does it increase bounce rates. Does it increase like conversion rates but reduce sales conversion rates.

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Yes it will. As of January, our testing has shown, this has had a negative impact on the ranking of stores. In fact we sent out an email to all our existing clients telling them that this is harmful for SEO.

Hope that helps!

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I like a tool named Justuno.  You can set the pop-up to load after the first page, and/or after a certain amount of time on the site.  Google doesn't want you intefering with users getting to your site to see the content they wanted to see.  They clicked to see your content/product, not a pop-up.