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Hey there!

We stumbled upon a problem with Shopify and Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

We set up the Facebook Pixel in the Shopify settings and checked it via the Pixel helper. It seems that everything works fine. The pixel fires on the given events (pageview, viewcontent, addtocart, purchase,.. ) and the fired values in EUR are correct.


We recently set up a retargeting campaign (dynamic product ad on custom audience) on Facebook. We used the product feed app Flexify that worked pretty well. All products in the product catalog are shown correctly (correct prices, images,..) on Facebook.

We now run a retargeting campaign since 14 days and the results are really good. But when we checked the campaign we saw that Facebook showed conversions (purchases) that did not happen.

For example: Facebook says we sold 2 pcs of product (Purchase event!) X in the last two weeks. But when we dig in our Shopify reports we found out that this specific product hasn't been sold in the given time. Also some other products are shown with wrong conversion values, it looks like Facebook mixed the prices and purchase numbers between products up. 

Any ideas how we can solve this?



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My name is Pavel, I’m with  (we’re managing and optimising dynamic retargeting campaigns for Shopifyers)
I’d like to explain you the way Facebook attributes conversions:

Facebook doesn’t count your actual “Purchases”. The products stated in Facebook report are not compulsory the products which were purchased, rather they are the products which were clicked on, and brought a conversion to your site. However, the  price of the purchased product (see the Website Purchases Conversion Value column in the report) is stated correctly.

Example: If someone clicked on your retargeting Ad that displayed product “A”, but purchased product “B”, in  Facebook report you’ll find conversion (Purchase) of product “A”, but with the value of product “B”.

Here is more info:

So, there is no problem with your reports.

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Have you installed Trackify X? NO? I am sorry you are missing out a lot. Trackify X is an all-in-one Facebook Pixel app that is designed to help Shopify store owners painlessly integrate multiple facebook pixels, measure custom pixel events, and optimize them for more conversions.

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