Problem with Facebook Pixels/Conversions

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Hi guys, 

I have a problem with facebook, I installed the Pixel on my site under online store - preferences and it looked like everything is working, in my Facebook Pixel Manager I can see that the tracking is working, Screenshot attached!

When I create now a Website Conversion AD specially for AddtoCart Conversions Facebook shows me I had 20 conversions, when I hoover over the conversions Facebook shows me that the conversions are ViewPage, can anyone help me here, while facebook is carging me for Conversions I doesnt have. 

Screenshots attached, there you can see that the conversions are different than what i choose in the settings of the AD


Kaufvorgang starten= initiate checkout

Inhalt anzeigen = ViewPage/Content

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Did you get this figured out?

I have the same problem with this conversion campagin.

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I just had the same issue and managed to work it out. Basically you just need to change the columns in your Facebook report. At the moment you have it set up for either Total Conversions or View Content Conversion Value (Facebook Pixel).

To fix it:

Click "Columns" In the Facebook Ad Manager Report

Then "Customise Columns"

Then search for "conversion" in the columns section

Select "Checkout Conversion Value (Conversion Pixel)" (Screenshot attached)



This column will then display you the total conversion value of people who checked out, not just who viewed content.


Hope that helps!