Problems with duplicated content, no help from Shopify

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I have  my primary domain set as

As third-party domains I have: (automatically created  following this guide: (created for Italian translation with Langify) (Langify told me to create it)

Now, I cannot redirect all my traffic to the primary domain from Shopify panel because of the Italian version of the site, but this determines that the other domains are all duplicated!

I set as preferred domain in Google searche Console, but this does not make any improvement to my SEO because the three different domains have all the same content.

What should I do? I would like to set a 301 redirect to the primary domain for both www. and en. version of the site, but it is impossibile to redirect the www version since in the control panel of my hosting it is not possible to do that without changing the DSN settings. 


Any suggestion?

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If same content using on different ccTLD like then that won't be considered as duplicate content. I am sharing Matt Cutts video on this.Please watch once.

If there's a reason to have both sites live then instead of a 301 (which would only show the content from one site) you could use a canonical (if the content can't be updated to something different enough) and chose the main of the two sites.

Or Simply Google for: Different domains with the same content

Hope this helps you

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Hi Fab!

We have a fast solution for you - Geo Targeting app with redirection pop-ups. It will detect the location of the visitor and offer to go to the domain you link. This will not solve your SEO issue, but at least will help your to manage your traffic. Here's a 30% discount for you - SECRET30.

As far as I know, for subdomains Google recommends creating separate property in Search Console. If you ever decide to close the claimed property, you can inform Google engine about that by using Change of Address tool which can be found in the "wheel" preferences in the top right corner on the dashboard. After that, Google will redirect traffic to the new domain and will consider it as primary (and rank accordingly) avoiding content duplication conflict, which is good for SEO.

Hope this will help. Keep in touch!

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