Product Page - 5 Questions on SEO in depth

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If you want to increase SEO scores for google index you should add Yoast as a plug in but it won’t get you to where u want. They SEO score can only go so far in e-commerce. Your best bet to increase sales and conversion rates altogether is to find a trustworthy and reliable traffic vender in your relevant niche. I have looked into your store and If you would like an offer I can get you what you are looking for at far below market value, depending on how much you are interested in investing. We can attempt a small cooperation that I’m sure you will be happy with. My email is
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Hi Joe,


OK that all makes sense now - thanks for clarifying. I've done some tweaking to certain pages today to see if/how they start performing differently, and once I get a feel for that I'll aim to roll out across the rest of the website. The tutorials were really useful too - wish I had found them sooner. I did actually use Moz for a while but actually found these snippets were more intuitive.


Fingers crossed for a brighter future!