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I just launched my store a few days ago, so I don't have any product reviews yet. However, someone advised me that I should download a product review app, which I did. However, now when I go to my website and look at a product, it says underneath the description "This product has no reviews yet. Would you like to review this product?"

So my question is, is it a good thing or bad thing that my site pretty much tells people that I have no product reviews yet?

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Nothing wrong with that especially when you are a new business.

One thing you could do is get some of them reviewed by your family & friends.

Good luck!

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A better solution would be to hide review widget when there's no review for a product.

Showing "No Reviews Yet!" creates anxiety: "Hey, you're the first one ever buying this! Good luck!"

I know review app has this feature as I use it for some stores I manage, but some other apps should have the same feature as well.

Hope this helps.

- Ahmad

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Product reviews are helpful in the ecommerce side. No need to rush. Soon if you will have customer, you can encourage them to leave a review in the item they bought. Little by little you can always build the trust of people to your website.

Good luck to your store!

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I think it doesn't matter, after all,  you are a new business and is still ongoing, it is normal that you didn't have product reviews.