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I have the following scenario and wondered if somebody could give me some advice.


I receive a list from the sales department in an excel worksheet, of products that are running in a flash sale or some sort of event at a discounted price. I want to be able to take this list and create a supplementary feed within Merchant Center so that I can then bid up on these products as necessary. The problem I have is that Merchant Center and consequently Google Ads is using the auto generated Shopify Item IDs whereas the sales team use the product SKUs. 

I've contacted Shopify support and looked everywhere, and there doesn't seem to be a way where I can export a filtered list of products and have the SKU and Item ID in the CSV.

Short of changing all the Item IDs to product SKUs (which is a last resort) is there a way that I can export specific products in shopify with both Item ID and SKU?


This is an accepted solution.

Hey elchenuk,


The IDs can be exported using the Shopify API and there are multiple IDs:

  • Product ID
  • Variant ID
  • Inventory Item ID

My guess is the Item ID you're looking for is probably the Variant ID.


We have an app, EZ Exporter, that can export all these IDs for you in addition to the SKU in CSV format.


Our app has a 7-day free trial so if you only need to do this export once, you can just uninstall it after the export so your account won't get charged.


Hope that helps!

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Creating a supplement feed will not allow you to bid differently.


You need to add custom labels. So in your supplement feed you need to match the product id from the primary feed, this should look like shopify_US_3465461165_16546461

Which can be exported from Shopify by constructing this by using the parent id and variant id. It is constructed as followed shopify_{country_code}_{product_parent_id}_{variant_id}


In the newely created spreadsheet, add a new column, custom_label_0

And add a unique name.


Now connect the supplement feed


In Google Ads, create a shopping campaign with subdivision targeting the custom_label_0

More info:


There are data feed tools out there that can simplify all of this.


Never change product id's when you are already advertising, your whole advertising will tank, all data will be lost. Unless you are ok this happens, then sure change the product id to SKU. But the consequences are pretty steep when you are already advertising and are successful.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks this is exactly what I was after!