Product description tags and SEO


I agree with @stevelam when he says "write for your customers first and foremost.".  You need to determine what your customers are searching for about the product...and that should be your focus with SEO efforts.   There is a process you can put in place to create original content that customers are actually interested in seeing...and it involves product Q&A.  I'm sure you've seen this on Amazon's product pages where you can ask a question about the need this on your store.  Here's why:


Customers Ask Questions Other Customers Ask


All you're doing here is providing information that your potential customers are looking for, and they either cant find it easily on your current description.  The great thing about this, is that other customers are also asking these questions.....not only on your product page but also Google.   So, what this will do is add the most popular Q&A threads about your specific product to your product page...and Google reads that and recognizes it as keyterms and phrases for your page as well....which leads to more impressions of that page.   Google is great at reading what content renders on a page, even if its rendered through a JavaScript app that you just having that content supplementing your product page and information will be helpful.


Customers Ask Those Questions on Google


As mentioned above, customers ask similar product questions on your product page can rank for those questions/phrases.    If you add a product question and answer app that spawns new landing pages for Q&A threads, then you'll even see those drawing their own traffic and featured in Google results like this:



That's a great way to attract more organic search traffic and relevant visitors to your store.


Use That Engagement to Revise Product Descriptions


Finally, through the engagement on your product Q&A content....both on the product page and through organic results....that gives you insight into what your customers are actually searching for online and then you can work that into your product description.   This is a consistent process that you can have in place which just gives you consistent growth in relevant content that can sell more product, and also enabling you to optimize your product descriptions in an informed way.



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