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I am searching solution for this error from last 3 three days but could not find right one. Hope you guys or Shopify Marketing Staff will help me.

I made new single product store and add the product. Then I add pixel id and asave it. But when I go to FB pixel helper extension to check that pixel is tracking all the events ( Home Page, Product Page, Add to cart, Checkout Initiate, etc ) or not. 

Unfortunately Pixel was not tracking all the events. It is only tracking home page perfectly but when I open Product page or checkout page pixel helper shows me this error " Products Are Missing From Your Catalogs ".

This is ss of it.


I tried to get help from Shopify Community where Shopify staff were suggesting to downloaf flexify app. But flexify is also paid now. Its free version does not allow to show all variants, it only allow to show one variant.

Help me guys/Shopify staff, I am exhausted now as hell.

This is my second store. When I created first store I did not face any type of this error. But I do not know why this time is happening.

I added product as usual I add on my first store but why this store showing this error. idk. 


I hope shopify staff will soon respond on it.

Thanks for reading


Dear B21,


If you do not want to use app then you need to add "add to cart, view count" etc codes to liquid code manually.

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How are you managing the feed? The simplest solution depends on that. In terms of Flexify, they have an option to match the feed to the pixel. This basically lets the content ids match the item_group_id or product ids in the feed, which causes a match in the pixel debugger. We create feeds in DataFeedWatch and match up the products in the feed to the store.

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Hey there,
we're here to help you on your issue. please follow the following steps. Hopefully your issue will get resolved.
1. first connect your facebook shopping channel on the shopfiy admin.
2. Go to your catalog manager, and search for the store domain you have, you'll see a catalog for ex.:"
3. Open it and go to settings, and connect to tracking.

Note: when you connect the facebook shop, a default catalog automatically gets imported to your business manager which is not visible until you search it with your store name. you can use it for displaying ads.
Thank you

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