Promote discount on Mailchimp

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Ok,  I created a product specific disount.  After creating the discount a dashboard card appeared allowing me to share on Facebook and mail chimp.  When I selected mail chimp, a campaign was automatically created in mail chip, pre-populated with product image, description, and discount code.  Again, this was automatic.   While I'm fine with generating campaigns manually, I would like to know how to access this automated feature from within shopify.  

I'm not referring to sharing bulk discounts.. we currently have a collection specific discount that I was able to promote on Facebook from within shopify. No option for mailchimp.  The dashboard card I referred to earlier allowed me to promote in mail chimp from within shopify as well.  Any way to configure the dashboard to display that card whenever I create a discount?   Huge time saver being able to generate mail chimp campaign from shopify dashboard directly.  anyone else ever come across this option?   I'd really like to know how to do it.