Questions about Facebook Advertisement

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Hi there guys,

I have some questions about Facebook advertising and I can't seem to find a definite answer to any of these.

1) What is the difference between 'link clicks' and 'button clicks' on my Facebook metrics. 

2) Why is there a disparity between my website conversion (which is set to view content) and 'link clicks'? The definition of link clcks given by Facebook is 'links click on and off Facebook', so I assume the link clicks are coming from 'Audience Network'.

3) Facebook says it requires 15-25 conversions per week to optimize ad delivery for me. Does it do this automatically? Or do I create a new Ad under the Ad set with new data that I have gathered?

4) I received 8 website conversions, 6 'view content', 26 'link clicks' and total spend of USD $4.10. Is this data normal? (Am I spending too much, I am new to this). Also, why is there is difference again, between website conversions and view content, when my conversion is set to 'View Content' 

5) How do I tell which product or product category my website visiters are visiting the most?


Thank you so much for your help!