Questions on Google Shopping App and what else I can do to help it...


We are about a week into using the Google Shopping App in Shopify.

What I am not sure of is the 'structure' of the shopping ad... and I am just learning it.
When I look at the ad in Google Ads and drill it down to the Product Group level, the product groups match the PRODUCT TYPE we have entered on our products.
However, the groups are not broken down any further.

Can I create groups within those product groups here?
    - I did try this with one group, but the products fall into the 'everything else' group.    

    - How do I 'get' the products that go into those groups associated with it?  They all carry tags that would enable me to do that.
Is it worth it for me to actually DO this?

What other types of 'fine tuning' can I do to help the effectiveness of our advertising?

We are a very small business and need all the help we can get to stay afloat these days.
I spend every a few hours every morning tweaking things.  I would like to spend that time where it is going to make a diff.
I am hoping the Google Shopping ad is one of them.  

Any help/suggestions is appreciated.





This is an accepted solution.

Our agency works with 3 kids brands and 2 sell clothes. Google shopping works really well. You best bet might be to just break down your SKU by Google Product Category at the Product Group level. After that you can break things down at the Product ID level. Keep your bids low and see what converts. Most of Google shopping happens with your shopping feed. Your shopping campaigns is secondary as it supports a good shopping feed.

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This has helped a great deal.  Thx