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My online taxis website Doncaster Taxi is not ranking up on 1st page. Even I got 1000+ backlinks.

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SEO is an accumulation of plans and techniques used to increase the number of website visitors by achieving a high ranking in search results. An important feature of SEO is to make your website visible to both users and search engine robots.

SEO helps engines know what a particular page is about and how it can be of use to users. In the high level of competition, it is imperative to be as high as possible in the search results and this comes with an effective SEO strategy, not many people know how to rank a website on Google.

Let's take a look at the two kinds of SEO: on-page and off-page.


On-page SEO is the process of optimizing individual pages in order to improve rankings and increase relevant organic traffic. You'll find a variety of On-page SEO tips to rank higher on google page.

1. Start putting title tags with your target keyword:
2. Drop Keyword in first 100 words:
3. Put your target keyword in the URL:
4. Add keywords to your post strategically:
5. Take Advantage of Internal Linking:
6. Target less competitive – long-tail keywords:

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to methods that extend outside the confines of a website. Off-page SEO is often confused with link building, but it encompasses far more. The following are some suggestions:

1. Build high-quality backlinks only:
2. Guest post on relevant blogs
3. Answer on Quora:
4. Blog commenting:
5. Be active in social media:
6. Stay updated with Google's Algorithm


In my profession, I suggest you 8 steps of SHOPIFY SEO optimization:

1. Do keyword research to find the types of keywords that customers are searching for 

- Use Google for finding trending keywords 

- Have a list of keywords through your competitors 

- Use SEO tools:

+ Ahrefs is a great SEO tool 

+ Keyword tool 

+ SEO Booster app 

2. Website architecture should be based on your keyword research. 

- Silo structure for product pages

- Topic cluster for news and blogs

3. On-Page SEO through strategic keyword optimization in meta tags and content. 

3.1. Basic On-Page SEO Checklist 

3.2. Details of On-page checklist for significant pages 

4. Technical SEO to ensure that search engines can find your site effectively. 

5. Local SEO to drive local organic traffic (if you have one available) 

6. Content marketing to drive additional organic visitors. 

Write a great content 

Adding visual effects into content 

7. Link building to enhance the authority of your website. 

8. Measure SEO success with Google Analytics and Ahrefs. 

9. Use the best SEO applications and tools for Shopify 

You can read in our SEO guide for more detail: 8 EASY steps of SHOPIFY SEO optimization to TOP 1

SEO Booster - The best Shopify SEO App
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Thank you!!!

Hi @daverider010

Backlink is not about quantity, it's about quality. I wager that a large chunk of your 1000+ backlinks are no-follow backlinks/ social-media backlinks or Directory backlinks - which have zero value in term of SEO. 

I ran your site on Aherfs and there are only 16 backlinks detected. 

Screenshot - 2021-04-16T165046.341.png

You might need to double-check your link profile. 

Let me know if my answer is of any help with a thumb up or like. Cheerio  

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Hey! My website  Massage Chairs is also not ranked on google even got 100+ linking domains. It is about Quality not Quantity.

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If you write more content, you've got a better chance at ranking on the front page of Google. The more you write, the more pages become indexed, and the more traffic you produce to your site. If you're writing five to ten posts a month, it's yet not enough.