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Hey guys,

Me and my wife just launched a hair extensions store few days ago and started targeting our potential customers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube (creating hair tutorials for our YouTube channel). For now, based on my recent research, these SMs are the best tools available to approach my business target.

We do get some sort of traffic (I launched a Facebook ad campaign), but had only 1 sale from 200 visitors. 

As per now, I have noticed a solid number in increasing Instagram followers based on the following actions:

1. Finding the relevant hashtags and starting following, following+like, following+like+comment. On average, I see 10-25% follow back 

2. Go to my competitors Instagram page, find the comments where brand's followers start asking questions related to product inquiry and begin to message them directly or simply following. That was my first and only sale for now.

Information above is simply my actions to get some traffic, but still I don't see a high purchase conversion from visiting landing page or whatever it is.


I would appreciate if you visit my website and give some tips on what can be improved or what is missing that doesn't make the visitors happen to become customers.

Thanks in advance.