Reconciling Google Analytics to Shopify

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Does Shopify record bounces as visits?  GA and Shopify are close on number of sessions, but does Shopify count every session as a visit, even if it is recorded as a 100% bounce on GA?




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Hi Sharon, 

A bounce also counts as a visit. What constitutes a bounce is a visit where a person doesn't perform any action and leaves the site. A bounce rate of 50%, for example, indicates that half of the visits to  your site will be confined to a single page, and the users haven't click on anything on the site. 

Bounce visits indicate that either these visitors didn't find what they were looking for or that the website is too confusing to navigate. 

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Ramon Bez
Content Marketing & Growth at Compass
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Ramon Bez Content Marketing & Growth at Compass The #1 Reporting App in Shopify

You're pursuing a fruitless activity trying to reconcile Shopify analytics with Google. The systems are different. Shopify's system is closed so we don't know how it's data exactly calculated or implemented. Regardless of what you find, there's nothing you can do about it. Generally you will get data close to each other between the two systems.

Best thing you can do is make your G Analytics the best it can be:

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