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Hello Everyone!

Super new to forum posting so please do be kind. I've worked in some code before, mostly cmd, VBS and SQL so I'm completely lost when it comes to HTML and CSS.

I'm trying to track landing page links from a customer order so that I know who referred the customer to my store. The link I have is: . This redicrects customers to my main page, but all the test orders I've done have shown that the "landing page" is "/cart/add", and Referring website "" when I check the test order I've placed. This tells me that the landing page isn't actually the page that the customer first lands on, and that shopify prioritizes/defines a "landing page" as something other than the initial page the customer hits when they come to my store. I know that there are paid apps for this kind of stuff, but our store is small time, and we don't make enough to justify the apps. The rock and hard place is that our sales are growing due to our marketting, but I want to ensure that growth is steady by tracking our affiliates, and giving them a cut of the profits. Any insights will be greatly appreciated.


I felt like I was super close to my answer the the below link.


Hi Jimmy,

My suggestion is to get your Google Analytics setup right. Use that for identifying the profitability and source of sales. Have you done that? You can find the comprehensive guide I wrote for it by Googling "Google Analytics and Shopify".

Having said that, it seems you are using redirects to track affiliate sales then manually reviewing such data to track sales rather than referral program software? That seems cumbersome and limiting particularly from multi-funnel perspective where affiliates won't get back for a return visit.

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My bad I'm not good at coding. I can only tell you the app which I'm using for doing this kind of work you can try RR-Linx Shopify affiliate tracking app if you want.