Remove collections from sitemap & pricing not showing in Google

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I noticed Google has indexed pages like and it has also indexed

Does anyone know how I can stop Google from crawling the products like this from the .com/collections/brands/product bit and just pick up the .com/products/product? 

I also noticed only a few of the products in my store show a price on Google, anyone know what that's all about? 

Granted, not all the products are indexed yet, but this is just what I've come accross so far. 


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Duplicate Product URLs

Shopify uses the canonical tag to tell search engines which of the product pages to show in the search results. And that is the products/product one.

You can check this by looking in the source code for any of the other pages. It should look a bit like this (if you sell cat):

<link rel="canonical" href="">;

You want Google to crawl and index all of them, so that they know they represent the same thing.


By showing the price, I presume you are talking about rich snippets which can include review ratings, price and if they are in stock. 

These are discovered by Google crawling the Structured Data on your product pages. You can test this via their Structured Data Testing Tool (google it).

You can also find out if Google has crawled and picked them up via your Google Search Console account and the Structured Data report.

Typically my next step is to see if they show up in a site specific search. e.g. This confirms that what tou have marked up is technically correct for the rich snippets.

The final phase is to get them in real world searches. This can take a bit longer, and it does not always happen. Google has quality and trust checks it makes before allowing them out in the wild.

You can find out more here:

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